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RE: Original Research: Evaluating the Healing Potency of Different Honey on Wound and Skin Infections Collected from Three Selected Hospitals in Nigeria

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Alright @gentleshaid

Did you use human subjects or just swabs from wounds?

Regarding this, human subjects were used not swab.

What we did was to apply the Honey indirectly on the wound lesions or inflammations (depending on the type of complications the patient has) by first applying it on the dressing. Applying the honey directly on the wound will result to spillage, hence the reason we applied it on the dressing before placing it on the patient.

We then left it on the dressing for 4 days as described by previous methodology used by other researchers to observe differences in the rate and speed of the healing Process. Observation was done by comparing them with human subjects serving as control.


Sorry if I'm sounding quite naive but I'm really yet to get it.

If I may get you right, human subjects with wounds were used as your treatment group. If that's the case, I don't see the relevance of using humans without wounds as control. The right thing, I stand corrected, would have been to compare the healing potency with conventional treatment excluding the honeys.

The patients with wounds should have been divided into 2 groups, exposed to the same treatment while the treatment group is given honey in addition. Then, the healing can now be compared after a chosen period.

No no no, @gentleshaid I think my explanation at the latter ending was not clear enough.

Human subjects with wounds were used as control obviously... probably the Way I constructed the English here got you confused.

Observation was done by comparing them with human subjects serving as control.