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RE: The Birth of England; Vikings be damned!

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Indeed it was... really don't Fancy reading history because I am not good with dates. Atleast, if they were this concise and well simplified, probably I would not have lost interest in it.

Enjoyed the read!


Yes, those dates totally ruined it for me too, forcing us at school to memorize them and such. As with most subjects at school, they're teaching history the wrong way. Just having us watch documentaries would probably result in greater long-term retention.

Yeah I think that was the problem for me in school, it was all about memorizing dates. I can't think of a scenario where knowing the dates is even remotely important, even as a historian who can just quickly reference a book or the internet for the specifics.

Likewise we were taught it like we're taught vocabulary or something 'Henry the VIII had this many wives in this order, and each one died in these ways. Let's get together and memorize each wife and their deaths in the correct order' chant chant chant

Great, now I find Henry VIII boring.

The content is so much more fascinating when it's told right but seems school did us all a disservice...