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RE: Back to Hive and STEMsocial… and on my way to HiveFest!

in StemSocial9 months ago

It's great to have you back sir ☺️
Indeed we have missed you.

I am very sure you are reinvigorated with more energy.

Welcome back sir.


Thanks for passing by and your nice words. I am definitely fully reloaded, and back with my usual active on-chain interactions. ^^

Did you have some break during the summer?

Not at all. Recently got a fully funded schorlaship at MIPT for my masters. Been busy with documentation and preparation for travel.

I would say, it's really been a hectic period for me. Though I still try not to loose touch here, so I still drop articles periodically.

Wow! Although this is by far not relaxing, I must say that it is at least a very good news, isn't it? As we say, you'll rest later! Good luck in any case! ;)

Yes for sure it is. Nothing good ever comes without a price.
Thank you Sir 😊

You're welcome!