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RE: Formation of Kidney Stones and Ways to prevent it.

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I beleive one of the major factor that predisposes one to nephrolithiasis aka kidney stone is consistent dehydration. Adequate water intake will help reduce the formation of those kidney stones.

Intake of vitamin C supplement could contribute but not necessarily a major indicator. You would agree with me that vitamin is as important as taking Fruits. But unfortunately, it is impossible to get the daily recommended dose of vitamin, about 95mg from fruit consumption alone hence the need to complement this deficit with Vitamin C supplement. Especially those engaged in strenuous Activities.

Dehydration leads to the formation of acidic urine and this in turn favours kidney stone formation especially Calcium oxalate Crystals as well urate Crystals.

The main key factor that have so Far favoured kidney stone formation from various research is dehydration.

It will interest you to know that most drugs contain some certain amount of calcium as a binder. Invariably, we get some quanties of calcium some of our Drugs we ingest.

I believe one could take vitamin C supplement but with enough water intake to Ensure adequate hydration.

Great article I must say, I hope to Read more of your awesome write ups


Dehydration is the most important factor indeed. I guess vitamin c supplement is a risk for a person who has a history of calcium oxalate stone. Upper intake level in those cases in about 1000mg and most of the vitamin C supplements contains 500 to 1000 mg which makes it a potential risk if they are consuming it in high doses.
But obviously, proper hydration is needed.
Thank you for your comment, I appericiate it !!