Visiting The Frost Museum: Finding Nemo with My Son!

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Visiting The Frost Museum

Miami, Florida

This past Sunday my son Owen and I went to the Frost museum. We had such a blast at the last museum that I had to find another one I hoped would be even better. Personally, I liked the Discovery and Science Museum in Ft. Lauderdale more since they had a much better Dinosaur exhibit but this one was still a blast!

Museums are our new thing, I have never seen so much excitement from my son and his smiles and expressions are worth gold! He even said the word Aquarium because he loved it so much and it's hard to get him to say words!

I have a lot of fun making these family comics and thinking of what's going through his mind. I feel like I nailed it with this one! Hope you enjoy it!

Another Great Museum Day!

If you can't tell from Owen's faces he had the time of his life! I highly recommend taking you children to museums once they hit around 26 months if you have little ones, even if it means a day trip I think it's worth it! Luckily for me both the museums we went to this past weekend weren't far from my house, but I'll be moving soon.

I'm so happy to live in Florida though because you know what's coming soon... Disney World! After going on a 4D ride and Owen seeing what I would otherwise think are kind of boring exhibits, he's going to absolutely love Disney and Universal Studios! I'll be able to make an entire series from those photos!


Whoaa great moment in there. Oh your son sooooo cute! :)

Thanks, I got really lucky he turned out alright :) Everyone calls him the gerber baby!

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