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David Nussbaum Demonstrates Portl’s “Holoportation” Features

Watch the whole video (it’s only 4 min), and then post your reaction, observations and predictions in the comments section below.

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The Julian Assange virtual high-five (Remember, that was from 7 years ago!)

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WOW - I must say - is this product a reality by now for mass or commercial usage ?

It kind of looks like it . . . pre-orders for now? https://www.portlhologram.com/

Not too sure just how interesting this would be on a day-to-day practical business basis though. The additional cost over and above videoconferencing wouldn't be easy to justify based on the benefits gained. I mean, how is the presentation going to be notably improved? And I imagine that "box" costs a pretty penny!

But it looks niche and perfect - of course the cost may not be affordable for all - but the celebrities will love it and can throw anything for it. Could not find out the price though in the site.


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.