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RE: Using Laser to Cure eyesight | LASIK surgery

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Oh so interesting to read. Well if a doctor would tell me they will place my eyeball in nitrogen.... Well.... As long as you make me see well after... You can dip it in panda tears if you ask me lol. Very informative, I would be afraid of eye surgery I admit. But if it would be my last choice, I would do it. If science would advance long enough to be able someday to swallow a pill with nano robots who will go and fix my eye while I sleep. Well...wouldn't that be something👁️😍


well, if nanorobots will do it all, then we doctors might lose our job. just kidding :D

Hahaha. Well, that would lead you to discover new possibilities and devote more time to research. Technology in medicine would be a better choice long term. Humans are much more prone to flaws. They get tired, angry, cranky, nervous. A robot does not. The spark of creativity and imagination would have more time to grow if people would delegate chores to robots. In a near (far?) future