Weekly Science And Technology Reports - November 20

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Welcome to another episode of our weekly reports in science and technology. Just for a quick reminder, these reports started last week and for more information, especially with regards to it's purpose, you can see my previous post here. Before we proceed however, here is a qoute of the day about information to help keep us motivated


Now back to business, below are some of the interesting reports you may have missed in the past week following now.


New Study Reveals That Men Age Faster Than Women

Ever been in a society where women appears to live longer the men ?
If you have, ever wondered why ?
I'm actually in one and i've asked myself the second question - why ?
My hypothesis initially was that it was basically due to family stress. This actually is a lame hypothesis because for one, in a nuclear family, after the man/husband dies, the wife often times inherit the stress, probably having more stress than the man and especially if she insists on remaining single. However, i've noticed that the woman even with the stress still manages to live longer than the man. Some of us may not be aware of this but this phenomenon may be more common than we actually realise. In a recent research, there seems to be a discovery that suggests men do actually age faster (biologically) than women, even if the man and the woman are twins - of the same age, probably why men seem to have lower life expectancy or rather, don't live as long as women. But there's more to it.....read more to find out.


Wormholes May Already Have Been Detected, Physicists Say

Ever since the inception of Einstein's theory of general relativity, there have been interesting and mind-bending theoretical predictions, of which some have been discovered observationally, like black holes. But have you ever heard of a wormhole before ?
It's like a black hole but with extra properties that makes it very fascinating. You would normally see it in sci-fi movies, like the movie starring Ryan Reynolds - The Adam project. It's a region in spacetime that serves as a bridge/shortcut between two points in spacetime that are astronomically far apart, it can be used for both space and time travel. For example, by choosing the right coordinates, one can move to another galaxy (millions of lightyears away) from ours in seconds/minutes, if you enter the wormhole - instead of taking millions of years to reach the same galaxy with our conventional spacecrafts.
Up until now, no such structure (wormhole) has been detected but some physicists think it may have been detected. Want to know more ?
If yes, then read here to find out.


Leprosy: Ancient disease able to regenerate organs

When we hear of the word "bacteria", the first thing that comes to mind is that very small/microscopic organism that loves to do terrible things in our body - cause disease, at least that's what a layman thinks. But scientists also know otherwise, that they can be useful positively - antibiotics and yoghurts are testimonies. There are others though and in a recent research, there seems to have been a newer discovery, this time around it's from a bacteria that causes a well known and ancient disease - leprosy. When the bacteria of this disease infects certain parts of the body, it can cause disabilities, like the one in the image following this report (image above). How the bacteria causes this disability can be harnessed in positive ways, like reversing aging or regenerating new...... Read more


Nigeria floods 80 times more likely with climate change

I believe my fellow Nigerians, especially @gentleshaid would be interested in this kind of report.
I could remember sometime ago (this year) when i asked my sister if we had experienced the kind of weather we experienced this year (2022) in the previous years, i asked because it seemed quite weird and unusual, especially the excessiveness and the odd timing of the rainfall. I had guessed that it was probably due to the ongoing climate change crisis. Apart from my observation, i had seen reports of excessive flooding, how it affected transportation (on roads), how it collapsed buildings and how it killed people.
However, in a recent report, researchers seemed to have confirmed my guess - climate change, and they seem to also be suggesting that there's more to come in the coming years but there may be a way of tackling the situation. Want to find out more ?
If yes, then take an entrance here to find out.


NASA’s Webb Explores the Final Frontier: Draws Back the Curtains on an Undiscovered Universe

Ever since the first images from the James Webb telescope was released (11th July 2022) after it's launch in outer space last year (21 December 2021), there have been stunning discoveries about our early universe that scientists never dreamed of imagining, at some point there seemed to be rumours that the big bang theory of our universe's origin may have been disproved. Well, it's too early to make such claims but what actually baffles scientists is that discoveries about the earliest galaxies seems to challenge the current accepted theory of galaxy formation and evolution. In this latest report, the universe through the James Webb telescope has yet again shown scientists another of it's hidden wonders about the earliest galaxies. To know what it revealed to them and what it means for the future of astronomy, then read here to find out.


Children Who Doubt Their Gender Identity Enter Puberty Earlier

Our last report for the week before we round up is quite intriguing, especially for me, i don't know about you but let's find out what it's all about.
Ever noticed a child who wishes to become the opposite sex or prefers to be one ?
I mean a boy for example wishing he was a girl or wants to be a girl. Well, according to a recent research such child is likely to get into puberty earlier than his/her peers who have no such desires.
Are you surprised ?
Me too i am but keep reading here to find out more.

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thoughtful day and till i come your way again next week.

Thank you all once again for stopping by to read my jargons and also thank you @stemng, @lemouth and the @Steemstem team for your valuable supports.


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