Weekly Science And Technology Reports - November 19 2023

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Hey guys, how are are we not doing today?

Sorry, I didn't make any mistake or you aren't misreading it, you saw what you saw, chances are that there's at least one problem, probably inherited from the previous days, months or years but chose to hide it. 🙃

But guess what, there's........... no need sharing it, as I'm not really interested. 😂

I believe we all can handle our problems, if not now, probably at some point in the future. The truth is that there would always be problems, it's like it's an inherent property of being alive. I mean, if there aren't problems how would we display our intelligence. So, in order to display what makes us uniquely us (humans), it's best we keep and handle our problems by ourselves, which could also involve sharing it but not with me - I have enough problems. 😂

Alright guys, I think joke time is over. Let's get on with business, sorry reports....... whatever. 🙄

This AI robot chemist could make oxygen on Mars

If we are going to colonize mars, our basic needs has to be in check, basic needs like oxygen. Unfortunately Mars doesn't have enough oxygen and if astronauts are going to pay a visit to the red planet in the future, they would need to carry oxygen like they normally do (from Earth), which would be very expensive. Why not produce oxygen on Mars without actually doing it ourselves, thus paving way for our future visit and possible inhabitation ?

Ok, so how would that be possible ?

It's simple, just keep reading to find out and more. Looks like there's a lot of building and cleaning to do before we can settle there.

🤔 I wonder, aren't we approaching god-like level?

Death of The World's Oldest Dog Could Teach Us a Few Things About Life

Seems like this year is a year of record breaking, I mean the kind that gets you in.......wait, what's the name of that book again ? 🤔
Ah, yes, the Guinness book of records and it appears humans aren't the ones allowed to have their mind-bending achievements recorded in that holistic book of records. If only humans were allowed, it should have been called the Guinness book of human records. Yes, so anything apparently could break records and be recorded in the book, including a spoon. 🤠

For this report, it's about a dog that recently died and after death became a record holder. It's relatively easy to guess why death had to be a defining factor for it's record holding......or is it?

If you guessed right, then congratulations but if you didn't, then you need a mental check up. There's always a lesson to be learnt from the life of every great individual who unfortunately couldn't escape the shackles of death. So, what can we all learn from the life of dear old Bobi?

I believe by now you should know what to expect, just keep reading. I think dogs should also be aware of this and also see it as a source of inspiration. I mean, we can't always be doing things for them, including forcing them to hold records. 🤭

The Surprising Reason Why We Hiccup

We should all be familiar with hiccups and we have various ways of how we handle it. But the question is, what's it's objective purpose?

Because it feels bad or makes you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean it's actually bad. According to this report, there seems to be a surprising reason for it's existence but I would leave you to find out for yourselves.....here. If you haven't experienced hiccup please notify, let's know if you actually escaped babyhood, 😱 you would likely be a synthetic human from the future.

How wild monkeys ‘laundered’ for science could undermine research

Money is very valuable to everyone of us and there are those that get it illegally and cover their tracks - money laundering. Just like money, monkeys too are valuable......to scientists, particularly those in the life sciences and so therefore, just like money, monkeys too can be laundered. Just like money laundering could dirty your image, monkey laundering too can for scientists, even though the scientists may not be involved in such act.....😳
But how ?

Just keep reading to find out and more. Hold on guys......am I the only one noticing that monkey is money with the "k" removed. 🤑

In the fight against malaria-carrying mosquitoes, just add soap

We use soap mainly for washing off dirt and fighting germs but little did we know that it could also help to fight against mosquitoes, especially those that have developed resistance to insecticides. But that doesn't mean you should spray soap in your homes, this is actually how it works......keep reading. It'd be nice if they could develop a mosquito killing bathing soap, it would save me a lot of stress.

Scientists Discover That Worms May Have “Emotions”

When we are happy, sad, tearful, fearful and angry, we are simply displaying emotional responses. The big question mark, are we (humans) the only ones that possesses emotions ?

Well, this report says that may not be the case but what's even more surprising is that even simple creatures like a worm can display emotional responses........keep reading to find out more. Guys I'm currently working on a book and it's titled "How to make a worm have PTSD". 🤭

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thoughtful day and till i come your way again next week.

Thank you all once again for stopping by to read my jargons and also thank you @stemng, @lemouth and the @Steemstem team for your valuable supports.


Lastly, please don't forget to do the needful
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