Weekly Science And Technology Reports - March 5 2023

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Happy New month everyone and welcome to another exciting weekly digest. February is quite a weird month, it's in fact, the weirdest of all the months on our calendar. Personally, didn't realize we had gotten into a new month until two days after. Also, i wonder how those born on the 29th of February count their age, given that it comes after 4 years - the leap year. 🤔

Well, that's by the way. Let's proceed with the main topic of this post.
Shall we begin ?

Telling time on the moon

As we begin to prepare ourselves for the colonization of our cosmos in the not too far future - starting with our moon, there are important factors that are needed to be considered. One of them being time telling. Thanks to the existence of international bodies responsible for controlling how we read and communicate time globally and also to the advancement in science and technology. Time telling isn't actually an easy thing especially when you are in a world of relativity - different reference frames with different local times. The factors and principles of time in a relativistic world are usually taken into account in the design of satellites and GPS systems, to relay almost precise locations in spacetime but this is mostly with respect to our planet. As we begin to expand our existence beyond our planet, more work is needed to be done in order to relay almost precise positions in spacetime and avoid confusion, across the cosmos - not just our planet. In this report, emphasis is on time telling on the moon. So, if you wish to know more, then keep reading here

Will future computers run on human brain cells?

If i may ask, what's the difference between an organ and an organoid ?

You may have come across these words and wondered the difference. 🤔
Well, organoids are organs grown in the lab using a cell - stem cell, that is, they did not develop from a naturally developed multicellular organism. Kidneys and lungs can be grown in a lab, there's no need going to cut it out from an animal. Organoids are mostly used for simulation, to understand how the real organs develop and behave, and to search for possible treatments for some diseases. Fortunately for scientists, they have been able to grow a brain in the lab as we shall see in the next report but some now are thinking of using them to develop what is called a biocomputer - do not confuse it with a cyborg.
What in the bloody hell is that and what for ?
If such questions are lurking in your mind, then keep reading here to find out more. I wonder if such computer would have a personality, like introverted or extroverted. 😂

Scientists Are Growing Mini Brains in the Lab. Are They ... Conscious?

In the previous report (above), we briefly discussed about organoids but forgot to mention that human brains are no exceptions. In fact, some researchers have been growing human brains in the lab, though they are not as developed as that of an adult - they are equivalent to that of a human fetus. What this means is that in the eventual future it may develop to that of an adult. Does this also mean that it may eventually become conscious ?
Could Scientists in such time have crossed the line for toiling with the life of a potentially conscious being - since it's originally developed and used for experimentation ?
These are ethical questions scientists must ask themselves before continuing with such projects, though there's more. However, keep reading to keep yourselves entertained. Research gone rogue. 😂

An eyeglasses prescription for Christiaan Huygens after 330 years

If I asked how many of us knew about Isaac Newton, most would say they did but what about Christiaan Hyugens ?
Probably few of us may have come across that name, especially in physics but what we mostly don't know is that he was also a major contributor to the scientific revolution which we think Newton alone started. He's most notably known for his theories on the wave nature of light and invention of the pendulum clock. Well, he did other important stuffs but in this report the focus is on his works on lenses - like those on your glasses, if you happen to put on one like me. 😉
He wasn't specifically interested in lenses for glasses, he was more interested in the lenses for telescopes. However, i wished he had had interest for that of glasses.
But why ?

That's an interesting question but....... keep reading to find out the reason.

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thoughtful day and till i come your way again next week.

Thank you all once again for stopping by to read my jargons and also thank you @stemng, @lemouth and the @Steemstem team for your valuable supports.

Lastly, please don't forget to do the needful
If you enjoyed my jargons.

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