Weekly Science And Technology Reports - March 19 2023

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Howdy folks and welcome to another exciting episode of our weekly digest. It appears that we are in very tough times but no need to feel too bad about it folks. I would advise you to enjoy the moment just like you enjoy the good times, make the situation feel like it's gat nothing on you and believe me, that would be a double win. 🤠

Shall we proceed ?
Alright, yee-haw. 🏇

Physicists Confirm 50-Year-Old Hypothesis About Selfish Behavior

We live in a very complicated universe, there are a lot of things our mind is yet to fathom and that's why we must be very careful when we make judgements/decisions. Personally, i believe the concept of good and evil is a man-made construct that mainly stems from trying to control people - the laws of the society. It's quite ironic that in a society/group where being selfish is considered wholly bad, you would still find someone who is naturally selfish condemning another selfish person. 😂
In this report, researchers have shown that being selfish can be of an advantage in biological systems. In fact, some animals like cows form groups not because of social behaviours but because they (individually) are selfish and it helps them reduce predatory risks. However, why would "physicists" be conducting this kind of research ?

If you wish to know why and more, then keep reading. Just in case you happen to be a selfish person and people dislike you for it, i want you to remember that the universe made you that way for a reason - it (the universe) is on your side, but don't overdo. 😉

Scientists demonstrate time reflection of electromagnetic waves

One of the pillars of Einstein's theories of relativity is that space and time are but of the same entity - spacetime, and one consequence being that what is possible in space is also possible in time. When you look at the mirror, what do you see ?
Your reflection right ? - the part of you facing the mirror, like your face.
That's actually true but...... there's more, what you see is a spatial reflection. What it means is that the mirror only reflects the spatial properties of you or the mirror only reflects exactly the space positions of different parts of you. Also, remember that these informations are carried by electromagnetic waves - visible light.
How about facing a mirror that reflects only the temporal (time) properties of you ?

If you would like to know the kind of image that you would see, then keep reading here. Looks like i could stab my neighbor (who happens to be at my back) at the back by just stabbing the mirror. 😂

Heartbeat May Shape Our Perception of Time, Study Shows

Time is but a complicated concept, for one, it's not totally certain if it's actually real or not, forget what you see on the clock but this topic is left for the realm of philosophers. Another thing that makes time complicated is that different factors seem to affect how we perceive it. In physics, especially in Einsteinian relativity, motion can affect the perception of time, gravity too but it doesn't end there. In fact, what we have just mentioned are non-biological factors. In this report however, researchers seem to have discovered that our heartbeat (another biological factor) could also affect how we perceive time. If you wish to know more, then keep reading. Well, it happens that the heartbeat is also a kind of motion. 😉

The multiverse: our universe is suspiciously unlikely to exist – unless it is one of many

One of the most perplexing problems of modern science is the origin of life, especially on our planet. It's mostly believed that the conditions of Earth some billions of years ago allowed for the existence of the chemicals that were precursors to the first set of living things. However, from the grand scheme of things, it's reasonable to say that our universe was perfectly/almost perfectly tuned with the right physical parameters to allow for the existence of life.
Could it have happened by chance ?
Well, that's one hypothesis. However, there are others, one of them being... keep reading. 😁

Scientists develop a 'cosmic concrete' that is twice as strong as regular concrete

For quite some time now, i have been bringing us reports on developments regarding our preparations for extending our existence beyond our planet - which happens to be currently unhealthy. Well, this report is no exception.
The conditions on our planet can't necessarily be found beyond it and there's a possibility of buildings collapsing if we utilize building materials used here on Earth. In this report, scientists have developed a new kind of concrete that's stronger than our conventional concrete and it appears quite cheap to make - you could make it in your kitchen. 😳
But keep reading to find out more. Be preparing to say goodbye to cements, i hope it doesn't affect some people's business. 😂

Humans Are One Crucial Step Closer to Regenerating Limbs

One fascinating aspect of Marvel's Deadpool character is his regenerative abilities. Remove his hand and he grows them back at a not too fast rate. Well, for now this may seem more like a fantasy or a thing of sci-fi but in the not to far future some of us could become real life Deadpools but not with all his abilities - don't think too far.
Wait a minute, but how ?
Well, it looks like deers may hold the key.....keep reading to find out more. 😉

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thoughtful day and till i come your way again next week.

Thank you all once again for stopping by to read my jargons and also thank you @stemng, @lemouth and the @Steemstem team for your valuable supports.


Lastly, please don't forget to do the needful
If you enjoyed my jargons.

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