Weekly Science And Technology Reports - March 12 2023

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Happy Sunday guys and welcome to another exciting weekly digest. Unfortunately, there's nothing much to say for introduction. So, let's just proceed, although we just gave an introduction - read again. 😉

The universe may have started with a dark Big Bang

Some of us, if not most are aware of the big bang theory - theory that explains our universe's origin and evolution from a single primordial source (the big bang singularity). Well, it seems like the theory isn't enough to account for some cosmic anomalies that we observe today, most especially dark matter and there seems to be a new guy (theory) in town that may address the issue. Behold my brethren, i present to you the "dark big bang theory" but don't make the mistake of thinking it tells us what dark matter actually is - even currently, we can't detect it. The theory talks more about the possible origin of the so called dark matter (if it's indeed an actual particle) around the beginning of our universe's evolution. If you wish to know more, then keep reading here. I wonder if we would later be calling the big bang we originally know "the light big bang". 👀
Well, i guess that would be left for the cosmologists to decide.

Africa Is Splitting Into Two Continents And May Open A Vast New Ocean

If I may ask, how many kinds of motion do we think our planet constantly undergoes within our solar system ?

Most would say two, rotation on it's axis that gives day and night, and revolution around the sun that gives the different seasons of the year.
Ok, what about continental drift ?
I guess we wouldn't be aware of this because of one reason and it's that geology isn't a very popular subject. Ask a geologist and he/she would tell you that in the past (millions of years ago) we had fewer than seven continents. Continental drift is responsible for our current relatively more continents. The surface of our planet (lithosphere) is constantly in motion but at a rate so slow that it eludes our everyday observation. You need very special and sophisticated tools to detect it. In this report however, there seems to be a suggestion based on some evidences that Africa appears to be splitting into two and in the near future, probably millions of years later there may be a new continent and ocean....keep reading to find out more. I wonder if humans would still be in existence by then to witness such geological divorce. 🙃

Newly discovered enzyme that turns air into electricity, providing a new clean source of energy

We live in times where there's an increased demand for electricity, especially a clean source - environmentally friendly. In this report, scientists seem to have discovered a newer clean source of electricity and it appears to be the simplest kind of battery. It's just a substance that naturally breathes in air and breathes out electricity.
Just like that ?
Well, if you don't believe me, then keep reading here. However, don't forget to thank our tiny trouble makers - the bacterias. 😂

'Missing link' protostar may prove solar system's water is older than the sun

What if i told you that the water you drink maybe older than our sun, would you believe me ?
Just for a fact, our sun is older than our planet by about a hundred million years. This raises another important question which is, where did our water come from ?
If you wish to know the answer and more, then keep reading. I wonder, if we are mostly made of water, could we also be older than our sun ? 😂 - just kidding.

The mice with two dads: scientists create eggs from male cells

It's quite amazing how our medical science and technology is advancing. Sooner or later, it could be possible for two male couples to be able to have biological children or a single parent to be able to conceive a child/children - the child(ren) having genetic characteristics from only one parent.
Wait a minute, for the single parent, could it be through cloning, asexual reproduction or could the parent become an hermaphrodite ?

Well, none of the above but keep reading to know more. This research reminds me of Superboy - son of Superman and Lex Luthor. 😎

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thoughtful day and till i come your way again next week.

Thank you all once again for stopping by to read my jargons and also thank you @stemng, @lemouth and the @Steemstem team for your valuable supports.


Lastly, please don't forget to do the needful
If you enjoyed my jargons.

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