Weekly Science And Technology Reports - January 29 2023



Good day everyone and welcome to another of our weekly digest, where we bring to you the current happenings in the science and technology space. We never can tell when the next Einstein would pop out or would there ever be one ?
I guess time would tell eventually. Ok, back to business.

Scientists Have a Genius Plan: Turn Abandoned Mines Into Gravity Batteries

Energy sources can be grouped into two kinds, renewable and nonrenewable kinds. Currently most of our electrical supply comes from nonrenewable sources of which some or most aren't climate friendly. However, the future points to a climate friendly renewable energy source and actually, virtually all renewable energy sources are climate friendly. But some renewable energy sources have setbacks, solar energy for example isn't always present - especially at night. To help sustain the electrical supply, rechargeable batteries are always included, that is, store energy in the battery during daytime and release the energy at night. Batteries too have setbacks, one of them being that overtime they loose energy almost spontaneously - self discharge. Researchers however, seem to have found an alternative way of storing energy when the renewable sources are relatively not present and this alternative is called a "gravitational battery". Abandoned mines - where minerals are extracted, could serve as gravitational batteries. Conventional batteries makes use of electrochemical processes to store energy but this gravitational kind makes use of gravity. The question then is, how ?
This may sound weird but i have thought of it and it's a very interesting and promising approach. However, keep reading to find out more and in case you still didn't understand how, then specify in the comment section and i would explain further.

Mexico Has Banned All Attempts to Block the Sun

As at the time of writing this report, i was feeling very uncomfortable, thanks to the unbearable heat, which may have been as a result of global warming. Climate change which is currently threatening our existence is caused by global warming but i think some of us don't quite understand what global warming is. Well, initially when our planet was still relatively healthy, solar radiations (especially heat) could get reflected back to outer space by our planet but after we polluted our planet with green house gases like carbon dioxide (excessive), these radiations (especially heat) began to get trapped in our planet or our planet became less reflective. When heat is trapped, the planet's temperature increases (gets warmer), hence global warming. Forget how big our planet is, we can actually re-engineer it to get cooler, this would be the work of "geoengineers" or specifically "solar geoengineers".
Don't pay too much attention to the title of this report, suggesting "blocking the sun" 😂, which reasonable person/persons wouldn't want to ban such act. However, the approach to re-engineering our planet despite being promising has issues, especially health-wise but keep reading to find out more.

Disturbing: Humans Can Still Grow a Full Coat of Fur, Study Says

If I'm correct, we (humans) seem to have the fewest amounts of hair on our body and in the mammalian kingdom. Even our closest relatives, chimps and bonobos are almost fully covered with hairs - sometimes called a fur. One may think that during the course of evolution, we may have lost the genes that gives such physical attribute but a recent research seems to suggest otherwise - we still have the genes. I know there are some of us, for aesthetic reasons would not like to have such kind of look 😂, no need to worry much, scientists aren't planning to make us look that way but further research could help tackle some hair loss problems. Now, if you wish to know why we still have the genes and unable to grow a full coat of fur, then keep reading

Experts Debunk Scientific Claims That Human Babies Are Colonized by Bacteria Before Birth

Ever come across the information that babies already have bacteria before birth ?
I think i have, probably in a biology textbook, can't remember exactly. This was actually a fact until now, some researchers seem to have disproven this fact. Seems like momma's womb before birth is one of the most sterilized place to live in...read more

The Cold, Hard Truth About What Will Happen to Us When the Sun Dies

There are those of us that worry about death but the ordinary kind - if that's the right word to use, the kind we encounter everyday. Some of us aren't conscious of the fact that there's the possibility of an ultimate death, i mean death of our solar system and possibly everything within it. What I'm simply saying is that our solar system and planet aren't going to last forever according to our current understanding of the cosmos. I think now would be the best time to advance our space technologies, to possibly escape this ultimate demise and continue our existence, even though such events would take place billions of years later from now. In this report, a researcher/cosmologist gives us in details how events during this period would most likely look like. Are you scared ?
Actually, you should be but keep reading to find out more. 😂

It is here we conclude today's report, have a thoughtful day and till i come your way again next week.

Thank you all once again for stopping by to read my jargons and also thank you @stemng, @lemouth and the @Steemstem team for your valuable supports.


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