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RE: Bozzlife: Living the Dream (Machine)

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Hmmmm....Hmmmm interesting. Never heard of it, But I love learning about new tech.
Just got myself a bto 2020 macmini (3.2ghz/6-core i7/512gb SSD) from the USA arrived a couple of days ago and trying to soup up my whole editing system (I've just completely worn out my old 2009 Imac over the past 8 months) and trying to speed up my WD nas box cause I feel that the 1gb ethernet (plugged directly into the macmini) is too slow... so going to experiment with usb3 end to end cables to see if that help and am planning on buying a Razorcore chroma Egpu with some sort of shithot graphics card which will then make me feel like I've parked up the 1970's Combivan, gotten into a normal 21st century car and then jumped into a Lamborghini instead.

So happy to learn about your dream machine, cause it could become apart of my dream machine and so happy to learn that you are so happy with your dream machine too!

See, dreams can come true!
Nice one @bozz thanks so much! So glad that you did post about it.

And here's one for you


I have been looking at upgrading my graphics card. The prices of the new ones are pretty reasonable if you can get your hands on one. I think supply is the big issue right now. That is pretty awesome what you just picked up there. Have fun with it! I hope the USB-C connection gives you better luck.

Next week are the black Friday sales! I can't wait! lol...

Lucky we just came out of lockdown and I just started work again!

That is awesome. We are going back into lockdown over here and many of the stores are doing online black friday from now until Christmas just to make it easier on everyone.

See, lockdown doesn't mean the world completely closes up shop- it just goes even more digital and there are bargains to be had! I hope you get some great stuff!

Sorry that you're going back into lockdown, but it worked for us and we're still alive, the shops are open again so it wasn't that bad...You can do it Bozz, you're a creative and proactive person.
The time will fly and you will come out of it winners again!