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RE: Back to Hive and STEMsocial… and on my way to HiveFest!

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😊😎🤙 back to work! :P that was a beautiful place where u were chillin. and i like that NY skyscraper.. very sexy!


Thanks! We definitely enjoyed the three cities we visited, although it is impossible for us to stay too far from more remote places in the country side for a long time. For instance, although I work in Paris, I live 80km from there (therefore in the French country side).

😎Nice. I also enjoy living near the city, but a little rural.. although on an island as small as maui, that only translates to 10 miles away. :P

Wow that's the other side of the world relative to where I stay.

I have been to Hawaii more than 15 years ago (when I was still a PhD student). I have been impressed by all the volcanic activities around the islands, which I still remember today, as well as wonderful sunsets.

cool! let's trade living places for like 1 month. 😁🤙

Ahaha. It may be hard at the moment, as I have too much on my plate locally. I however keep the invitation in a corner of my mind ;)