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Thanks for the information, but how could Earthquake be controlled?


I will research of possible control of it and it with Community

Earthquakes can't be controlled. What we can only do is to mitigate the possible damages to our structure.

Ok, but before it could happen, is there anyway it can be detected like a month or week before?

We can detect the daily tremors but we can't predict when will a big one hit. We don't have the capability yet to do so. Although, we can use AI and Deep learning to analyze patterns in earthquake data, but it can't detect when and where is the next earthquake. We are too far it yet.

There is no way to control an earthquake, we cannot predict them until they are about to happen.

What we can do is to build edifications prepared to dissipate all the energy from the seismic movements. The buildings should be "elastic" or "fluid" structures in order to give time to people to get out the edification, because if we build them too rigid they can be too expensive or they could suddenly fall off.