The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

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Each and every couple of days that goes by, AI generation moves up a notch. Not in the department of typical functionality to aid in our day to day lives, but to also completely remove the job without creating new positions. This is more or less the resentment that I own. A friend of mine works in the art division and he explained me that you start to see AI generation for 3D modeling from nothing to something. The AI generation is not only functioning as a tool to lighten the load for the artist, but also as something to replace the artist in the field as a whole. No longer must the modeler create the blank Avatar. The AI does that. No longer does the Artist require to do the Material, texture work, baking, rendering and lighting. The AI does that. No longer does the modeler need to put in the detail or redesign it to suit topology needs. The AI does it too. This are all nice and all, but it eliminated the need for the 3D Artist. Now it is available and made by the click of a single button. Heck, even when you need to animate it, the AI can generate facial expressions better than a human can in reality. There is nothing left for the 3D artist to do. Sure, they can make a couple of changes to make them unique, but that'll just grow the library for new AI generations to come. Eventually, the overall representation of information designed by humans will be imbedded to the AI who will no longer create unique or original ideas due to the over abundance of released designs. AI generation will make the job title as a general Artist for 3D work which include: animations, videogames and even movies, obsolete as workers. They have no other alternative. They desire and aspire to become more, only to find themselves abandoned in the dust.


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