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RE: Using Laser to Cure eyesight | LASIK surgery

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I am 13 years old wearing contact lenses and I feel very comfortable, at first it was terrible, the process of adapting my eye to a foreign body was difficult, maybe it took about 4 months to adapt well and as the years went by I found the right brand and more comfortable for me. I am afraid of having surgery, I have heard many cases where people lose their sight or simply the surgery was a waste of time and money, I feel comfortable like that, even though I know very well that it is not healthy for the eyes since they need open air and hydration correctly and a foreign body makes this difficult!


Yup .. contact lenses are difficult. I myself wouldn't recommend anyone for the surgery if they are comfortable with glasses. It's mainly for cosmetic purposes.
Regarding, losing the eyesight, it's prevalence is low, but it does happen.