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RE: How much sleep do you need?

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Hello @josevas217.

I appreciate a rather interesting reading, I relaxed while reading.

In particular I know what it feels like not to sleep well, when I don't sleep well it changes my mood, I think that the hours of sleep in my case vary a lot, there are times that I only sleep 4 or 5 hours at night and I feel good, but there are times that I have slept up to 8 hours and I feel tired, for those cases I have analyzed that I think the quality of sleep depends a lot, because suddenly those 5 hours I have slept continuously and it is usually a refreshing sleep.

Greetings friend and thank you for offering us this important knowledge of health as it is sleeping.


Hello @carlos84
Certainly, the quality of sleep is something to consider when you want a real rest, that has also happened to me. That I sleep a few hours and wake up pretty well, instead I sleep more than I'm used to and wake up tired, I feel like I don't get enough rest.
It's an issue, but it's something very important for everyone.
Thank you for commenting.