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RE: Biological assessment for the Mango Kush soil.

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So this program your using also allows you to record? Or are you using another program to do that? Man this is some work that requiers extrem paitence! So what is that Nemotoad eating? Its a fiestly little critter isnt it

I love NFT showroom. Also for fun maybe you can mint some over here on Weedcash. We are one of the few tribes where you can mint NFTs. Actually not even sure which other tribes besides Hivelist where you can.

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There is a record function but it lags on my computer, so i screen record.

Yes it does take patience.

The bacterial nema is eating bacteria and predatory nema seems to be stuck on a aggregate but they eat other nematodes (usually root feeding ones first) and bacteria/or fungi depending on species.

Who knows maybe I will mint a nft on weedcash.

Havent you seen this?