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We didn’t meet before but thank you for the delegation and do come to the terminal if you have discord. I wish you happy holidays and see you on hive


I think @theterminal account welcomed me at some point. I've ran across you @brittandjosie on other posts when looking at comments or leaving my own on other's posts, like @ryzeonline or @cynshineonline and some others. About time I follow the loving wife, mother of 4, and lover of life 😀.

I need that type of positivity in my life!

@brittandjosie is a light on the chain, and the terminal has helped so many, great to see you and her together on this thread. :)

Also, I love that you have a holistic view and realize the importance of supply chains and taking care of every 'supplier' in our networks. 🙏

Yes, I hope to engage with @brittandjosie much more in the future. I have already came across one of her other projects, @heyhaveyamet. It is slicker than cat shit on linoleum😀. Makes meeting and greeting new people to Hive so much easier.

Not sure about taking care of them, but just being aware of how our suppliers, partners, etc. are a part of an overall cybersecurity chain and that we are only as strong as our weakest link.

Many IT policies still fail to address this and will continue to do so because of short-sightedness and siloed thinking.

Thanks Jay for stopping by, reading, and commenting my friend. Your awesome!

(grin) Totally agreed.

And, call it whatever you want, devoting any amount of attention to one's supply chain, cyber or otherwise, is 'caring' in my book. (As opposed to 'not caring') :D Either way, regardless of chosen language, I believe we're on a similar page here.

You're right many do fail to address this, but I hope some learn from your post. Thanks for writing bro, you're awesome too! #KeepRyzing ! 🙏

That’s sweet thank you and yes positive vibes are needed in these difficult times both online and in real life


Have a Happy Holiday season!