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RE: I am a Doctor of Natural Sciences now ! - This is my PhD Thesis

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I actually spend a lot if time into this project and it was far bigger than what I am showing you here, but I think that this write-up is already big enough and it will also get too complicated if I go into more detail 😅 .. I had an really great time during these last years and the opportunity for some adventures all around the world too ^^ Especially my time at NASA and Americas National Parks were just sooooo amazing 😍 .. I also married and became a father of sun, who is 4 year old now 😁 .. But I also lost my parents and grandparents too during this time, shortly after his birth, which was quite hard and nearly broke me. All this deaths happened just within half a year, leaving me alone as the head of my own family 😭💔 .. I had to take a whole year off to sort myself and get back on line. This was the time when I started my journey in Hive, as a therapy, an where I met all of you here, became a nature blogger and found many many new friends ❤️ .. There was also Corona throughout my whole last year and still is 🙄 .. Wow, for me this PhD was an intense ride through life with the highest highs and the lowest lows .. It transformed me from a naive childish youngster into a life experienced adult .. I would have never imagined that before ^^

I dedicate this post to the family that I lost and never could witness the moment that I finally finish my academia, but who were the reason, due to their constant support, trust and motivation that I managed to get so far .. May you all rest in peace ❤️

Dear friend, the thesis is amazing i had to read it slowly because its difficult for the Dutch blond, but i get a bit of it.
I am proud, you done it and in the times where life was difficult! I know that there are still difficulties and that there are still hurdels to take. I wish you a giant opportunity of a job and glad that you decided to become a blogger.
I still hope we can meet up and speak in person. But this covid monster needs to be away first.

So congrats this is a milestone and the angels above were there to witness it so,
All good to you and you family,
You know i am a fan and whenever you need me,
I am that addicted ghost
Love `Britt


I cant help it @brittandjosie 💖 .. Whenever I read one of your comments I am left with a deep feeling of happiness and satisfaction 😘 .. Thank you so much for finding and supporting me from my very first day .. I can't express how thankfull I am for what you and the Terminal all did to support me all the long way .. I wish you a great mothers day 💐🌹💖🌺🌸🏵️🌷🌼🌻 ^^