Building Information Modelling.

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I am here again. People, that sort of believe in science and technology, will find this highly informative and transformative.

Modelling is defined as act of representing a concept with the aim of capturing its essential parameters, which make the concept understandable to reason about.

Models, in all forms or variants, are the philosophical construct of mind which have usages and impacting usefulness in all intellectual disciplines in which all researchers engaged in to establish what is rational and advantageous to human race.

To put things in context, scientifical study of nature push many scientists and physical philosophers to think and say different propositions and worldview about natural phenomena that go beyond superstitious explanation of how our world truly works.

Several laws and theories have been stated and disproved due to further expansion and refinement of our understanding of the world. Underlying this academic and continous efforts,in registering how closely we are to what governed the world and other effects that we see or experience due to causative impression on nature, are geared researchers to horn their skills and expertise in developing the true explanation of reality.

As I write on with the view that reality is a concept we can understand, I likely subscribe to realism and dualism ways of thinking but understand that our construct of reality is measured by our experience, also making me a empericist.

I think now we can now dive deeper into the outcome of the continuity in scientific worldview and assumption that we can use our senses to carefully measure and affirm knowledge.

Models that find its usage in circle of arcane and ingenous individuals have entered the societal sphere. I believe this will bring something so distruptive to our life and environment.

Building Information Modelling is a multi-disciplinary tool, ready to create engaging and facilitate win-win scenarios for all participate in its operation and processes.
BIM bridges information gaps in existing construction operations. It is also a truly level oriented approach to solving different bottle necks and problems militating against construction industry.

Writing or research on BIM is a highly challenging engagement but challenges are what make us stronger as Homo sapiens(Rational Being).

BIM targeted towards modelling of buildings, infrastructure and highly complex structures. These successes indeed explain to us how far we have come from different ages to Information Age. This century our achievement has surpassed our fore fathers achievement altogether. Are we close to stand still in advancing and expanding our potentials? The answer is no. I mean there is no limit to our achievement with the notion of modelling and abraction.

Today, I write specifically on BIM.

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Now, think about a structure maybe it has some features that no body has ever imagined before you. Do you know you can basically get it built by our never-stopping inventor and engineers? Yes, It is possible. What allows this existential and unrestricted translation of ideas is BIM?
Have you heard about Skycrapper and high technolgy building having huges floor areas in Dubia, USA, Europe and some mouth-watering structures and modern architectural designs?

photo-1428366890462-dd4baecf492b.jpeg source

It is not far fetched. The achievement was what BIM had made possible through innovative designer and construction investors.
BIM can build your 4D cinema, Restaurant, Ultra modern clinic, White House, Pengon, Abu Khalifa, Eiffel Tower, Super high way and Schools. Anything that has structure and space to itself can be literally be erected by BIM.

Talking about objects integration and cost makes BIM what the policy makers will say You know we build future right from now

What is design methodology in BIM? It is akin to Unified Modelling Language in Software Development (UML). BIM is a more robust and delineating super wing for Achitecture, Engineering and Constrution(ACE). In no time, I will say something about System Engineering which has a thrust behind all the life-transformation in Aerospace, Defence, Health care and Information Technology systems.

BIM sits comfortably with Object-Oriented design paradigm. By following this innovation, to which software world has given to Humanity, we will start celebration of unfatomable and unseen structure.
What are the levels of BIM?

Level 0 is all about primitive shapes. A point, straight line and some simple curves. What a simplistic view? The greatest power behind BIM is what all primary school leaver has learnt. We all have experiential introduction to BIM fundamentals, so we can make life better with it. What is new? New thing is definitely how to put imagination and logic rules to extend the horizon.

What are the levels of BIM?

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You need a bit of understanding of drafting and parametric rules such equation of curves, Spline curves, Non-uniform rational b-spline (NURBS).
Level 1 also allows you to abstract every object. Object is an entity of class. Class now could be door, walls and precast concrete, Electric appliances, HVAC and some domain knowledge components.

Level 2 is centred on rules set. It is parametric modelling. Parametric means as you update or change anything on the design, it propagates through entire design.

A typical example is imagine yourself as engineer in charge of your house construction. I know you have walls in your building. Funny right? That is how cool it is to be object-oriented. You forget about the irrelavant information concentrate on what matters. Engineers love this philosophy a lot.
BIM Level 0 - Low collaboration. This level of Building Information Modeling only includes 2D drawings using CAD (Computer Aided Design)

BIM Level 1 - Partial collaboration

BIM Level 2 - Full collaboration

BIM Level 3 - Full Integration

BIM Level 4 - To go further.
Benefits of BIM.

We have just been going through the surface scratch for the concepts of BIM. BIM is exceptionally vast concept as a result of its length and implications of its abtraction. It spans many disciplines and serves as a lever on which numerous sector of the economy can interplay and exchange informed decisions about standardisation, regulatory specification and policy blueprint with very coherent roadmap. Government agencies will benefits greatly and immensely in formulation of taxation as construction revenue soars.

What are the roles of emerging technology such cybersecurity, crytocurrency and sustainable energy in global acceptance of BIM?

istockphoto-1332104709-612x612.jpg source

One thing is so clear when considering integration and adequate modelling of very diversed industry as Construction Industry. As our of the bloodline for real estate management, revenue generation, employment creation, presevation of established norms and customs in any society, utilisation of BIM as de facto standard in AEC and as an interface to other actors such from investors, owners and government agencies it holds critical nodes to initialisation of general acceptance of e-money(cryptocurrency) which has resilience when comparison is undertaken with centralised banking,monetary and financial system.

Intergrating decentralised currency system,with which cryptocurrency will afford, into supply chain and value stream should allow a mainstay in the general cash flow in the very secure system of Money and exhange rate.
BIM Handbook by

Rafael Sacks

Charles Eastman
Ghang Lee
Paul Teicholz


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Thanks for this write up. I guess you must me a heavy user of the BIM tool. Do you have examples (i.e. pictures) of realisations that you made, by any chance? I am just curious ;)

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@lemouth and to my lovely members @stemsocial @stemgeeks @hive @proofofbrain. So, the question now is are you hooked? Believe me, my first exposure to this technology sends neurological impression on me. From first hand experience and collaborative meetings with authorised stakeholders, I believe in this distruptive technology. It is epitome and abstract to the whole ecosystem and entire blueprints for the concerned shareholders. In addition to the foregoing discussion on technological study of BIM innovation, I intentionally think about extending the use case of the notion and knowledge to the interested reader. In a number of the attached pictures, we communicate succintly without confusion that BIM is highly practicable and doable. Looking closely on the posted pictures, keen observer and experienced individual will resonate easily with the passing information. This is bizzare. From the half clear ideas to the approved project using the framework of BIM is a testimony to the functionality and deliverables typical of versed project manager and aggressive clients.

The design methodology utilised in this explanatory engagement is far beyond the conceptual design through object-oriented paradigm, it is also contained within it society-centric approach which is spliced with user-centric solutions in most economic, legal and ecofriendly means.

This really looks to be super-cool. Thanks for sharing those pictures and the extra pieces of information relative to BIM and its "psychological' aspects (and to come back to me of course) :)

You are welcome lovely member @lemouth