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RE: Getting pregnant during the early stage of breast feeding: Tandem Breastfeeding

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Most excellent article! My wife got pregnant while feeding our 4th and he weaned fairly quickly. My kids breastfed until they were 1-2 years old, with my 4th feeding the shortest. I remember hearing "You can't get pregnant while you're still breastfeeding..." We did. Great analysis and coverage on your part. I just told my wife yesterday, funny enough, that one of the most beautiful things in the world is to see a mother breastfeed an infant. We cherish those moments's been years...but we can both hear the cooing and visualize their little hands on their mother's breast! Beautiful and endearing!


Waoh! What an interesting feedback, especially from the experienced parent like you. I'm glad you read it and thanks for narrating your experience. My regards to your adorable and experienced wife