Why You need to watch your Sugar intake

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Growing up, I love everything and anything sweet. As majority of humans always look out for taste whether in drinks or in food, same here with me. I hardly take anything that's not sweet to my taste. Whether I am taking junks, foods or drinks, I always look after the taste and it must be to an extent sweet. I think that's still what is applicable to this present children generation nowadays. They are always after sweety things like loli pop, drinks or beverages and even snacks like chocolate, biscuits and more. It was after many years I discover the danger of consuming high level of sugar.

Today I have come to talk about why you really need to watch your Sugar intake because it is something that is dangerous to ones health and anything that is capable of affecting your health negatively, I believe should be abstained from totally. Sugar no matter how pleasant it may be is also dangerous when the volume we consume daily is really high. Now someone might be asking, do you mean if I can only stop consuming sugar in raw form, I will be able to control my sugar intake. Well that might not be true because there are also diverse methods we actually take in sugar daily apart from the cubic sugar we are familiar with.



Some of them actually include the drinks we take in. If you are a lover of beverages a lot just like I was before, probably it is high time you pay a careful watch on it. I will be talking about the side effect of high sugar later in the post as you follow me. Drinks like coca cola, Fanta, and many more beverages contains close to 5-6 teaspoon of sugar that we are not even aware with. Majority of those energy drinks we consume like the fearless drinks, predator and many more energy drink brands we consume contains even higher level of sugar than some of the popular carbonated drinks we are known about. In fact it is the high level of sugar that actually works to make it energy and gives energy for our body.

Not only through drinks we can contain high level of sugar, even in our foods and the junks we consume, if you are a lover of junks like chocolate, donut and many more, you might at the end of the day discover that it actually consume high level of sugar beyond which you can think of. Like I said earlier, the major reason why you need to watch your Sugar intake because high level of sugar can cause some body sickness into our body system like diabetes and even many more which might want to threaten the healthy state of our health.



A lot of people suffering from diabetes, suffering from low sperm count, suffering from huge pain during their menstruation period and many more. As a guy, you need to watch your Sugar level because it can affect your reproduction ability and even sex ability with your partner as it leads to low sperm count and we all know what we mean by low sperm count. As a man you don't want it to happen to you. Also as a man, it can cause diabetes also which it is not a sickness I will desire you to have.

Same thing as a woman, you need to watch your Sugar level intake because it can cause severe pain during your menstruation period, and when I mean serious pain as a woman, you will quite understand what I am trying to say. Pains during menstruation is not something I can even wish for my enemy. If as a woman, you love consuming sugary things so much, your sugar level intake will generally increase which might lead to more pain during your menstruation period and also diabetes and even more sugar related sickness which I might not mentioned.

No matte what, it is not young to start watching your sugar level I tell you. You really need to pay closer watch on it before it is too late. Don't wait till you marry or till you clock age 30. Don't say because you are still in your mid-20 you are free to consume sugar as you desire. It is dangerous to your health. Like I said earlier, we might not see the effect now but coming years it will start manifesting which at that particular time it might have been too late. Watch what you consume and pay attention to what might affect your health in the future. Remember what you use your present to do will determine how your future will strongly be


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Thank you oo

This is very true. Like what is happening to my husband. He has a high sugar level and lately, he was diagnosed with some. complications. All food we partake in is over already its not good for our health.

Much sugar intake can ruin our health presently and in the future, sweet things are good but not healthy.

Definitely and that's why it is necessary we need to keep watch our sugar in take

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