The Health Effect of Smartphones Addiction - Part 1

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The world of technology is really advancing pretty fast and so much Development coming up day by day. There are some things done in the technological way that in 20 years ago, it will have look so impossible but here we are, so much are been done and will still be done in the future. The creation of smartphones that started decades ago have evolved to a massive height in the technological world. So much brand of brand of smartphones rising up daily not to talk of those ones already on ground claiming to be the big boys of brands in the smartphones industry. We have the big boys like the redmi brand, the Samsung brand, the apple brand and many more. Recently now the battle has been fierce between both Samsung and iPhone.

Some users prefer the Samsung and some prefer the iPhone where due to some prefences attached to the choice and many more. I strongly believe in years to come, the competition will still be stronger than what it is now. There are a lot our smartphones are helping us to achieve. I know whenever we mentioned smartphones, all our gaze goes to the internet function of smartphones but it actually goes beyond that. There have been so much development in the smartphones industry that it can do numerous features that will even blow our mind. The aspect of camera can't be denied. The pictures taken on some phones, at first glance, you will think it is actually taken by a professional camera.

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Well not to talk about extra features like the gaming features. Instead of carrying your laptop around in order to play some high tech graphics game, there have been works done on smartphones to accommodate this and so creating a way in which you can still enjoy your gaming life on smartphones. With all this numerous benefits phones have to offer, it has in this process made a lot of people to be addicted to smartphones. Phone addiction is simply when you can't with your phone a day. It is actually a huge thing because in this way where the world of our society is configured in a way that you can't do without internet a day. Everything been done is on internet, you will agree with me that a lot of people most especially the youths are addicted to phone.

In some part of the world where there is no constant power supply like Nigeria, it is possible that for few hours or even a day, you can still do without your phone but that's not general. Whenever I check my digital wellbeing state on my phone daily, it always gives me this estimation of 12-14 hours been spent on my phone daily. That is outrageous when putting into consideration that is almost half of my day. So many of us are not yet aware of the health effect it causes to our phone when you focus too much on your phone daily. The funny thing is those health effect might not really show now but in years to come, you will begin to see the effect speaking loud on your body.

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I am not saying you should not use your phone again of course that will be so difficult for you to do when looking at the society we are now, but there are some preventive measure we can put in place in order to comb this side effect and then we can still use our smartphones daily and at the same time it will not have effect on our health. Making this introduction, in my next post I will be talking majorly more on the list of the health effect and how you can comb it, how you can actually make use of your smartphones without fear of any health issues. So stay tune to my blog and watch out for the part 2 of this soon.


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As you say, more or equal to 90% of the world population, is addicted to a smart phone, some because it allows them to have a source of income in exchange for spending their time of life, others because they just want to play video games and most is only to be engaged in social networks, always have a phone in hand at every moment of the day, my digital well-being advances from 10h some days, other days only reflects 3h, sometimes I do not even look at the phone because I'm watching a movie or I'm working.

But, the stronger the battle between Samsung and iPhone, the stronger will be the addiction to cell phones, because each time they will be releasing higher quality smart phones until it reaches a point where there is nothing left for cell phones to improve.

Well said. In fact most of the time this brand always causes the people to be more addicted to the smartphones

Thanks for the share friend well we are in the digital era despite being fully aware of the effect of using phone one still insist on using them thats the new world we live in now.

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