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RE: Bozzlife: Living the Dream (Machine)

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It looks really cool, and I get some of it, it's just more than I need. My netgear nighthawk does just fine by me :)


Mine was a quick replacement from when ours got fried by the basement flood. It was a decent unit, I have just always wanted something a little more.

I get it. I really do. Plus there is the coolness factor. I have stuff on my motorcycle that is just too cool. Like the electric windshield. Most wouldn't know or care, but...

I bought an HP printer not long ago and like you was irritated because I needed the app to install. It sure was easy, though. Install and registered in like 4 minutes.

That does sound really cool. You had better luck with your printer than I did. It took me a good half hour to get it taken care of and lots of walking back and forth!