This extremely small reptile has a huge penis

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There are a lot of cool things in our planet just waiting to be discovered. EVery day, scientists scour through different locations trying to unearth interesting findings and in 2012, they found a fascinating creature that astounded Biologists from all over the world.

Somewhere in the exotic forests of Madagascar, a reptile, just about the size of a fingertip was found to exist. The Brookesia Nana specie or Nano chameleon as they're conveniently called are the tiniest known specie of reptile.

Unlike most reptiles, the males at 0.75 inch are marginally smaller than the females. This size difference is probably due to the need for females to carry eggs, but to compensate for that, the males have a relatively large retractable penis and this also proves that sometimes big things come in small packages.

As far as anyone can tell, these fascinating creatures are endangered species due to constant deforestation that destroys their homes. For what it's worth, I doubt anybody would have noticed these little guys anyways.

Unlike most reptiles, they spend more time on the ground, rather than on trees. Either way, they'd be probably easy picking for most animals on the ground anyways, seeing as they don't even have that blending thingy that allows it camouflage.

At the end of the day, what we can confirm from this is that there are a lot more creatures out there that haven't been discovered. Also, this chameleon's fascinating appendage also proves that even in the world of reptiles, size matters.

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