What is endometriosis

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Women worldwide suffer from one or two disease that can or have rubbed them of happiness, in some cases some have found it very difficult to have a child of their own while others will go for the scientific options of getting pregnant, one of those chronic sickness is Endometriosis,let's discuss more about it.

Endometriosis what ist?

Endometriosis is a condition where by the tissue in the uterine lining grows outside the uterus and every 22-30 days the uterus sheds out blood which is known as menstruation, those lining that found themselves outside will as well want to shed out but that can't be possible so the area will be inflamed and that will result to severe pain on that area, this often occurs in the pelvic, fallopian tube and ovaries, so when such growth occurs in the ovaries it is called endometriomas, it can also be found outside the pelvic area, this tissue can grow anywhere in the body.

Types of endometriosis

There are four different types of endometriosis

  1. peritoneal endometriosis: this is a very severe case whereby endometriosis are found in the peritoneum, peritoneum are special tissues that covers the abdomen including the intestines.

  2. Endometriomas; this are dark color cyst which are also known as chocolate cyst, they grow in different sizes and can be found in different parts of the pelvis.

  3. Deeply infiltrating endometriosis;on this case the tissues invades the organs that are inside and outside the pelvic cavity which might include the rectum, ovaries, bowels and bladder.

  4. Abdominal wall endometriosis; this is when endometriosis grows inside the abdominal wall.

Every illness has a cause so let's see what causes endometriosis.

Causes of endometriosis.

The main cause of endometriosis has been said to be retrograde of menstrual flow whereby the bloods that should flow out during menstruation flow back into the fallopian tube and spread to the other part of the body.

Endometriosis can be caused by genetic factor, on this case endometriosis runs in the family gene.

In some cases endometriosis is cause by hormonal imbalance or hormone disorder.

Signs and symptoms of endometriosis

Let's look at some signs and symptoms of endometriosis.

  • Severe cramp during menstrual flow, serious back pain.
    Honestly history have shown that so many women who suffer from endometriosis dropped out from school or stop working because of the intense pain they feel on monthly basis.

  • Pain during toliet and urinating especially during period, heavy flow during period, some patient complain of stooling and vomiting during their monthly period.

  • Most ladies experience pain during sexual intercourse and in most cases most women find it difficult to get pregnant because endometriosis rapes the eggs in the ovaries and prevent it from from being released.

How do you know you have endometriosis.

To get the right diagnosis for endometriosis we need to do the proper investigations which includes biopsy, imaging test like ultrasound, MRI, and CT scan.

Also laproscopy is done in other to dictate where those tissues are located and their sizes.

How to manage endometriosis.

But in all this what can be done to help women who are suffering from endometriosis.
Endometriosis can be control with some pain medications, also endometriosis can be controlled with some hormonal drugs that will decrease the estrogen level whereby decreasing the monthly flow.
This hormonal therapy may include birth control pills.

Finally surgery can be done as the last solution for endometriosis, this process is called hysterectomy and is a process where the uterus, cervix and ovaries are removed.

Sadly it has been noticed that most women suffer for years before they get the right diagnosis for endometriosis.
I advice all women to seek medical attention and visit specialist to know what is exactly wrong with them.

I personally suffered for two years before I was finally diagnosed of a stage two of endometriosis and through the advice of my gynecologist I have been coping with some pain medications.

There are still many other chronic diseases that affects all woman and I will be writing more about them on my next post.

To know more about endometriosis please visit the links below.
Thank you.


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Thank you for helping women to know when they have severe back pain during menstruation. Some Challenges can be cured when diagnosed earlier.

Exactly but early diagnosis is very important to prevent some issues in life, thank you @ijelady for stopping by.

I did just stop by, i read the post and have learn so much from it. As a nurse, i know you good information when it comes to health. It is informative and educative

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It is one of the most common ailments in women, which even if it occurs in very young women can cause some complications in pregnancy. And it usually gets complicated as age advances.

Honestly it's very complicated when age advances, and major problem is that as a woman advances in age the pain becomes more severe, more to that here in Africa diagnosis for endometriosis is very difficult.
Thank you @apineda

You have really helped me alot,even though am not a woman but I have got something to teach my children when I get married 😊😊😊.

Thank you for this nice post.

Most women suffer this but do not know what they are battling with. I can only imagine the pain that can come from any of these types of endometriosis. But I believe early detection and treatment is key to managing it.

To get the right diagnosis for endometriosis we need to do the proper investigations which includes biopsy, imaging test like ultrasound, MRI, and CT scan.

This would be great, but am just wondering the fate of women leaving in third world countries and may not have access to these diagnosis. It would be so tough to deal it. But then, your article is an eye opener. @beauty197

Unfortunate those in the third world will be accusing some Many things some will even associate the pain to fetish believe, we thank science and technology alot.

@beuty197, nice post. Thank You very much for good information given to us, knowledge is power. Keep it up.

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