The body needs enough sleep

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There is a saying in my country that says Rich men do not sleep at night, many people believe that sleep is not really necessary and that if you want to become wealthy you need to minimize the amount of time you invest in sleeping, unfortunately is only when we are alive and in good health that we can enjoy the money and riches we have aquired and we need good sleep to keep a healthy body that will enjoy the wealth.

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Do you know that science has helped us to understand that sleeping has some stages lets find out.

There are five stages of sleep circle that need to be completed over and over again every night.
stage one is known as wake,stage two is known as N1, stage three is known as N2, stage for is called N3, and stage five is REM.
This circle is very important if we really want to have a well night rest and to complete this circle over and over again we need more time.
Each step leads to more dipper sleep 💤 and helps the body to relax more, gradually the nerves start relaxing eye movement stops, the brain gradually stops thinking about anything then the person sleeps dipper and dipper.

This sleeping circle takes 90-110 minutes before it completes and begin another circle.

* Why does the body need enough sleep?

Sleep is very essential if we want to be healthy, most people who lack good sleep end up sick or even death.

An engine that keeps on working for hours without break has the tendency of backing up so that's why from time to time we allow our engine to cool off before starting a new day.
Likewise the body and the brain even the muscles in the body needs a couple of hours everyday to rest and recuperate back again for the next day.

Good sleep helps the children brain to develop and it also supports their growth and daily activities.
While adults also needs go sleep to live healthy and avoid some sickness that might result due to Lack of good sleep, sickness like stroke, hypertension, alizhemer disease and many more. Most times people who don't have good sleep always do not have a good mental health to make good decisions they always need an assistant to help them think, they always find it difficult to remain focus in life.

More to that when we sleep we give the brain the opportunity to waste some toxins in the brain, we also help our brain and body to repair some cells in the body.
Good sleep helps us to conserve energy and wake up strong as well as regulations of our hormones.

If we don't have good sleep we can not handle stress because amygdala which is the part of the brain that handles stress needs a lot of sleep to function well.

Do you know that it is also wrong to have excessively sleep?

People who oversleep can be attached to a disease known as
hypersomnia and they need a medical assistant as soon as possible.
To much sleep can lead to stroke and can also cause diabetes, it can also lead to obesity and heart disease.
Over sleeping can also make the brain dull and also affect the way we think and the decision we make.

*Normal duration of sleep.

To remian healthy, focused and concentrated and adult needs 7- 9 hrs sleep every night ,there should be an alarm to make sure a adult doesn't over sleep.
While a baby deserves 8-10hrs sleep to help the brain development.

*Do you want to enjoy your sleep?

Make your bedroom comfortable, have a clean bedsheets and pillow cases then make sure the room is dark surely you will enjoy your sleep.

Good night


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With the daily activities of trying to make ends meet, we put our bodies through intense daily an constant stress, we even rule out the need for proper rest, all these activities pill up to become highly dangerous to our health.

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