Kidney failure! Causes and prevention

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Welcome back, is been a while, I have been battling with work and house chores not to easy but I have to make out time for hive because am committed to hive. That's by the way, hope we all are doing great.

Today I want to discuss about kidney failure, this topic came to my mind when I finished a discussion with a friend because today is kidney day in Nigeria.

Kidney failure has been one of the most and serious issue facing so many people in the world today, those who are living where there is no good health facilities lost their life to kidney failure while some who can not afford the treatment because of their financial status also die.
Even wealthy people die as a result of kidney failure , that's how bad it is
So sad 😢!

Let's know what the kidney is and is functions in the body, are there more to that, we will also know in the course of this writeup.

Definition of kidney and it's function


Kidney is an organ located in the abdomen and its job is to remove waste liquid that are also known as toxins from the blood through urine, the urine goes directly to the bladder from the kidney and it's helps to retain vital chemicals like sodium, potassium and calcium in the body.
Kidney produces red blood cells by stimulating the bone marrows in the body, it also helps in blood pressure control, so you can see how important this small organ is to the body.
Human body consist of two kidney, one on the right side of the body while the other one at the left side of the body.
When this two kidney can not perform the above mentioned then it can be said that the kidney has failed.

Let's talk about the causes of such unfortunate incident.

Causes of kidney failure and prevention

This is a very dangerous situation because when this organ doesn't work there will be no way to eliminate toxins from the body.

1.) This can be caused by a long term non treated diabetes and high blood pressure.
2.) To much alcohol intake can also cause kidney failure.
3.) Any for of autoimmune disease can cause inflammation in the body and can lead to kidney failure.
4.) When there are blood clots around the kidney this can also be a factor, kidney stones and enlarged prostate can also cause kidney failure.
5.) The use of imaging test like MRI and CT scan can also be harmful to the kidney.
Most people especially here in my country love taking some drugs that belongs to the NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) which are also known as pain medicine, this medications are harmful to the kidney and can cause kidney failure.
Also to much of antibiotics can also lead to kidney failure so it's very important that we take antibiotics only when prescribed by a medical doctor.
It also also important that we avoid laxatives except when prescribed by the doctor because this can also affect our kidney negatively.

To save our kidney is is very important to visit the doctor before taking any medication, the doctor will run series of test to know if the body really needs such medicine.
Do not drink to much alcohol on the name of enjoyment.
If there is any need for CT scan the doctor should keep and know if it is really necessary.

Symptoms of kidney failure

In most cases the person finds it very difficult to urinate and the feet will start swollen because of the retention of toxins in the body and the urine color will change.

Most people have pain in the abdomen while some have no symptoms.
There might be sleepless night or excessive drowsiness, breathing problem and nausea.
There may also be chest pain, some might start having seizure.

Please visit a doctor who will immediately order for urine analysis test to see what is going on the body.
Then proper diagnosis to know the stage because there are five stages of kidney failure and treatment will be carried out.


Please avoid alcohol the beer and wine we drink contains so much phosphorus which is not good to our kidney, avoid self medication, live a life of healthy meals and fruits
There are five stages of kidney failure and I will be discussing them in my next writeup, please stay tuned.
Thank you.

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