Hepatitis! A topic to discuss.

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Let's talk about Hepatitis.

What is hepatitis

hepatitis is simply the inflammation of the liver and this can happen as a result of some viral infections in the body, hepatitis can lead to death because once the liver is inflamed there will be nothing to filter the blood and also fight for infections in the body.

Millions of people are suffering from a type of hepatitis in the world today.


Let's see types of hepatitis.

Types of hepatitis

There are 5 types of hepatitis,

  • Hepatitis A.
    This is a liver infection that is caused by hepatitis A virus and it is very contagious, it can be mild on the onset but severe if not giving medical attention immediately.
    Hepatitis A can be contacted through contaminated food and water or by an infected patient or an infected object.

Symptoms of Hepatitis A

On any little chores the person gets weak and tired, the person start feeling nausea and abdominal discomfort that always leads to vomiting.
The person color of stool changes and the urine gets darkened, most times the person losses appetite and start feeling pains in the body joints.
The color of the eyes and the skin becomes yellowish.
Immediately one sees all this symptoms immediately see the doctor for necessary test and treatment.

  • Hepatitis B.


This is also a liver inflammation infection but it's more life threatening than hepatitis A, it is caused by hepatitis B virus.
Hepatitis B is contagious and infectious, it can be passed to a child by her mother during pregnancy which is known as perinatal transmission it can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse.

It can also be transmitted through blood transfusion, sharing of shape object like razor, reused injection needle etc.
The worse of this virus is that it survives outside the body for four to five days, so it's not just a mere virus.

Symptoms are same with hepatitis A but in a more severe state and needs immediate medical assistant, in most cases hepatitis B patient are being treated just like a HIV patients just to save the patient because most times a HBV patient turns to be positive during HIV test and if not treated with urgency this can lead to a particular liver disease known as cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma which can lead to death.

To get a proper diagnosis several blood test are carried out on the patient and in different laboratory before treatment takes hold.
The patient will need much encouragement and care at that moment because this situation might lead to depression and fraustation.

  • Hepatitis C and D.
    This virus also affects the liver and can be chronic or acute, it can also lead to cancer of the liver and death.

Just like hepatitis B it Hepatitis C can be contacted through sex, and through misuse of sharp objects and also through an unsafe medical treatment, it can also be contacted through blood transfusion.

It also have same signs and symptoms and it's incubation period is 2weeks to 6months, unfortunately there is no vaccine yet for hepatitis C.

  • Hepatitis E.
    This also is a liver infection but it's affects not just only humans but can be found in animals like pig, deer, wild boars and others without no cause.
    Same symptoms as other hepatitis but appears in genotypes.
    Genotype 1 and 2 affects humans while genotype 3 and 4 affects animals.

Hepatitis E is mostly cause by poor hygiene and is found mostly in low life countries where there is no clean waters and healthy foods.

It causes fever, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, headache and enlarged liver.

Preventive measures

No life without a healthy liver so it is very important that we try as much as possible to carry out personal hygiene, wash our fruits and cover our foods very well.
It's also vital to get proper screening before receiving any treatment that involves blood fractions.
Avoid smoking and to much alcohol intake.
It's also vital that we get vaccinated as soon as possible.
Most importantly avoid illicit sex.

Immediately someone gets any of the above symptoms please see a doctor who will carry out the necessary test and treatment starts immediately.

*Nursing care.
A nurse should be very careful while dealing with a patient that has hepatitis knowing that this infection is infectious but at the same time a nurse should be caring and never allow the patient feel left out or depressed.

Hepatitis from A to E and all dangerous because they affect our liver and takes away our comfort as well as our life.
Please get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Thank you all

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One of the bad experience i witnessed is one person having hapatitis and typhoid at the same time. Knowing how to care and prevent is a great lesson.

A bad combination honestly, thank you for stopping by !LUV !ALIVE

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