Facts about fibroids.

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Fibroids has been a very delicate issue affecting most African women today and also women in other countries. Some families has been severed because of lack of children as a result of having high level of fibroid. Let's get some facts about this medical condition. In the cause of this writeup you will find out answers to questions like;
  • What is fibroid?
  • What are the symptoms of fibroid?
  • Does fibroid affect only women?
  • What are some ways to manage this medical condition?

Firstly let's know what fibroid is all about.

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Fibroid are some abnormal growth in the uterus which can come up during child bearing years, this growths are not cancerous.
There are four major types of fibroid and they are located in different parts of a woman's body.
They are:

  1. Pedunculated Fibroids which may be found either outside or inside the uterus.
  2. Subserosal Fibroids. They are found near the serosa of the uterus or you see them hanging outside the uterus.
  3. Intramural Fibroids which are found in the muscular uterine walls in a woman body.
  4. Submucosal Fibroids which can be located inside the uterus.
    Fibroids grows from smaller sizes to bigger sizes and into small pieces in different areas of the uterus even outside the uterus.
    Now how can a woman know that she has fibroids.

Signs and symptoms of fibroids

Signs and symptoms of fibroids differs in different women, no two women has same symptoms when it comes to fibroids.
Some women bleed a lot during their menstrual flow while some bleed 🩸 normal.
Some women have difficult in having children while some have no challenge in having children.
But there are general signs to look out for in fibroids cases.
Generally women with fibroids are expected to have menstrual pain, heavy flow during monthly period, pain in the pelvic area, then abdominal cramps.

Now we have been talking about women women women this brings us to yet another question ❓ Do fibroids affect only women?

Some people will say yes while some say no, some say that fibroids can be found in men. That's sounds funny but it's a topic for research and I will discuss about it in my next writing.

Let's move on to management of fibroids.
Management of fibroids often depends on how severe it is, in most cases where we have multiple fibroids the best option is to remove the uterus with is a process known as Hysterectomy
While in some other cases the patient might decide to live with it since it doesn't prevent them from living thier daily life.

Most cases the doctor carries out a process known as Myomectomy, on this process the fibroids are removed along with other affected tissue and this depends on where the fibroids is located.
Some women who experience heavy flow go on hormonal drugs to control the heavy flow they experience.

Some people have resolved to go on diet management and it has proven to work for them.
They avoid much carbohydrates, they eat more of green fresh vegetables and fruits and legumes, fishes and many more.

Is quite unfortunate today that so many people in African countries has gone as far as producing different kinds of herbal drugs, they tell most women that no matter how big the fibroids are that those herbs will shrink them down, some women has gone as far as damaging some other organs in the body while looking for fibroids solution

Personally I still wonder why people still give in to such scam because with full understanding of what fibroids is a woman should know that it won't be that easy for such growth to shrink inside the body that is still alive, fibroids are being fed as we eat our daily foods so how can they just shrink.


It is very important to see a gynecologist or a specialist immediately you get symptoms of any health issues, do not start home treatment with a conclusion of what you read in a book or what someone said.
Get the appropriate test, scan done before proper diagnosis because two different disease may have similar signs and symptoms.

Thank you all for stopping by.
You can know more about fibroids in the links below 👇


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