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RE: The value drop off on human attraction

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I think that we are overlooking one very important part of the AI equation. One I have not heard to much about. With out curiosity will AI ever evolve? We can make the perfect Milk Crate making robot, we have tool to build the perfect milk crate from 3D printers, Soon all the milk crates will look the same, AI has determined the most optimum design parameters for the milk crate right down to the color.

Many times people have heard the phrase if it works why change it?, or something similar. It is our curiosity that drives change, our ability to ask What if. Automation may be better and faster and more precise than humans, but will it ever ask What if?

I'm one of those don't fear AI replacement, AI is created by people, people are flawed in their thought processes, so I really don't see there ever being a perfect machine, it may look and act in a perfect manner, but will it ever grow through curiosity? That automated combine harvester will never ask itself what is on the other side of that hill.


I have thought about this and I think that there will be a "ain't broke, don't fix it" position on many things - however, I think that for a while at least, there will be random events that will keep it on its toes -eventually though, homogeneity will prevail. We are seeing it now in the realms of entertainment, everyone is chasing the same shows, bands, fashion - based on suggestions delivered by social media AIs like Facebook and Netflix. Eventually, we will all be feeding from the same pool of information and be socially inclined to not diverge.

The universe does tend to throw spanners in the works - for example, let's imagine the perfectAI world, what happens when an asteroid approaches?

One has to wonder if an AI system would let the Humans know an asteroid large enough to cause an extinction level event is going to hit the earth. If it chose to make the announcement would it do so as soon as it calculated the trajectory even if it was not scheduled to arrive until 2038, or wait until a couple days before impact.

I think either way, years ahead of impact, or a few days before impact, they both have consequences. And if the AI was wrong, and the Meteor missed, would anyone ever trust it again?

I hope I am not around when everything is the same, I really do not like stagnation, and that seems to be the direction many society movers are wanting to lead the masses.

I would suspect that an intelligent AI wouldn't tell unless it needed people to do something to help, because humans and our fears would create additional noise and uncertainty in the system that would disrupt calculations and plans.

I really do not like stagnation, and that seems to be the direction many society movers are wanting to lead the masses.

A homogeneous population is easy to control and sell stuff to. When everyone like the color blue, there is no reason to make something red.


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.