Utilizing Green Seashells, To Neutralize Water Pollution

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One of the seafood that has a delicious taste is clams. There are various types of shellfish. But in this case I want to talk about green clams. Besides, I don't want to talk about its deliciousness, but just want to share other benefits of green mussels for the preservation of the marine environment.

Getting to know the green mussels.

Green mussels are one of the marine biota that are often consumed by people because of their delicious taste. This marine biota is known as green mussels and has two shells. As the name implies, namely green clams, these shells have a relatively green color mixed with black.

The area of distribution of green shells is very wide, starting from the western pacific, to the indian ocean. In addition, it is also scattered in the Persian Gulf, Philippines and the East Sea of China. Especially for Indonesian waters, the distribution of green mussels is almost always found in various parts of Indonesia. Jakarta Bay is one area where this type of shellfish is still abundant. Living green shells cluster and stick to objects on the seabed. he uses the bysus thread to attach the body to the object which is hard.

Scientific classification of green mussels

Scientific namePerna viridis
SpeciesP. viridis

Green shells are characterized by a body anatomy between 6.5-8.5 cm and a diameter of about 1.6 cm.

Green shells can clear the water

Massive marine pollution occurs in various parts of the world, this is caused by garbage from land, oil spills and also development in coastal areas that make marine ecosystems no longer beautiful.

Here to reduce the pollutants contained in seawater, some researchers have successfully used green clam shells to purify seawater. the Jakarta Bay area, to be more precise in Ancol, is one example. In 2019, as many as 3 tons of green mussel shells have been deployed in the area. For your information, as much as 1 kg of green mussels can purify as much as 11 liters of water in a period of 1 hour.


The success of using green clam shells to overcome sea water pollution is due to the calcium carbonate content in these shells. The CaCO3 in green clams is very high. This content will increase the harder the shell texture. Therefore, this CaCO3 content will make the metal content and other wastes in the water disappear.


Nature has given us many things for life. However, we forget to be grateful and don't realize how to protect nature. Green clams are one of nature's delicious and delicious products when used as food, but it is also beneficial for environmental sustainability. The green shellfish population will increase if sea water and its ecosystem are maintained. Then, It is important for us to protect the sea water ecosystem by utilizing natural materials such as this green clam shell, besides being good for waters, cleanliness of the ecosystem is also beneficial for the presence of other marine life.

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