Transgenic animals as an evolution

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In the age of research and technology diverse trends are evolving and renovating the prior one. The Biotechnology field doesn't employ any precise introduction since it already revolutionised the 90 era and now the applications are putting up with in all the fields of science. But will the transgenic animals be substantiated or accepted ethically by the public? And to what extent?

Transgenic animals contain the forgiven DNA either changed for the purpose to inherit and transfer the desired genes.

Generation of Dolly sheep completely amazed the world and earned the point to create such organisms which will have aspired traits. She was the first cloned mammal.Methods adopted for this objective are either DNA micro injection, or embryonic stem cell method. But both procedures require a non-human primate. That's the point raised to utilize these transgenic animals as model organisms in the laboratory.

  • How are transgenic animals effective as model organisms?

There are varied human diseases which compel research and such organisms including mice having the detailed genetic data, rapid birth rate and responsive to toxicity took the attention of researchers. Vaccine development and safety can also be analyzed on such animals as these are additional responsive. So basically toxicology and disease development can be better researched by conducting recombinant DNA on transgenic model organisms more specifically mice, rabbits , dogs and monkeys.

  • The desirable traits are in your hands ;

Who doesn't prefer to increase the yield by adopting recombinant DNA technology? Boosting high yield in the form of milk and meat surprised the dairy farmers. Recently a protein alpha lactalbumin produced in transgenic cow rosie illustrated an alternative way to feed the newborn as a substitute of natural milk.

  • Pharmaceutical and biomedical;

Two significant products of human antithrombin 3( obtained from trangeic goats ) became valued to prevent disease of the blood clot caused by deficiency of antithrombin. Another product human c12 esterase( obtained from transgenic rabbits) inhibitor can treat none curable rare hereditary Angioedema disease. Furthermore diseases like phenylketonuria, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease can be remedied by using this technology. So employing model organisms to analyse, develop and cure diseases isn't such a bad idea. Drug discovery and toxicant study becomes simpler to get instinct of drug development,response and outcomes of experiment.

  • Transgenic plants;

More ever transgenic plants have already exhibited a wide acceptance in agriculture, bio pharmacy fields. They are more tolerant to disease, abiotic and biotic stress. So the expenses of farmers can be staved off. Also attaining high yield and desired traits in plants made them excellent options on the natural plant. Transgenic plants from corn, maize, tomato, potato and recently golden rice changed history. The deficiency of hormones, proteins can be cured by injecting the recombinant DNA either using vector, cell mediated transfer or by chemical transfusion. Any method can be adopted to create a transgenic plant.

  • Social contradiction on transgenic organism;

Although the widely predominant applications of these animals are many but still transpire regarding the genetic makeup alteration of species. In case the organism having all the desired traits conceived from different species would be formulated.

  • Would it be havoc for mankind?

Diseases can be cured, defects can be modified but when it comes to creating new organisms several ethical and legal issues arise. And it's so true that this creation would no longer be in the benefit of the ecosystem. When the anatomy and morphology of embryos within the oviduct can be shifted, who will restrain the scientist to develop a superhuman or any other creature which might inundate and demolish the whole realm?

  • Conclusion;

So in my perspective, transgenic animals are deferred only to limit when they are worthwhile for humanity. Any other experiment which will over express the DNA sequence must not be evaluated or ratified.

  • Note:
    This article has been posted for the research purpose and the provided knowledge is sourced properly. This isn't a copy pasted material, I gathered and analysed knowledge for educational seminar. Anyone can use this as study notes for sure.

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This is an excellent and important topic. Many people are not aware of how the field has advanced and the potential threat it poses. Personally, I think that Pandora's box is wide open, and there's no putting the lid back on. This could mean that we ourselves might have to change our morphology. I can't wait to put on cat ears and whiskers to detect the presence of transgenic mouse-dogs 😸

Wow, amazing then will you compete with me having the cute face of a panda and voice like a dolphin additionally having the speed of a leopard and mind of a fox 😂🤣haha how we have moulded the serious discussion into humour.😉😂

But on the honest side, I don't support the creation of the superhuman creature. Good to have your feedback.

But seriously, what are your personal thoughts!
I am curious!
Because I felt kinda conflicted inside 😶

Hehe in the case of plants recombinant technology is justified. Somehow in animals too. But when the desire for more will transpire it will ruin everything. A simple example is the type of torture happening on recombinant cows these days in Asia. They are being over-exploited by giving hormonal injections to obtain high yields. So I don't support this culture. But it's an ethical discussion. I have shared my thoughts might be you get a better understanding of them.

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Thanks for the encouragement, I found this community worthy for a scientists ✌

This is really an interesting topic. In my opinion, I am still skeptical about the health safety of these transgenic plant and animal products for human consumption. Probably not now but in the future.

And for transgenic human, that's a total no for me. Else we throw the human race into serious chaos.

So true creation is easy but if misused might be it would be harmful to them too. We can't assure that products formed will be all-time beneficial for us or not but still these are alternatives in good form. Same reaction from my side on the creation of superhuman. Glad to have such thoughtful feedback 🌟

Yes exactly. Many thanks for sharing.


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