Some of the negative effects of using earphones!

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I'm sure that we've all used Earphones, or even owned some of these things. earphones are one of the things that very often used when listening to audio from the radio, smartphone, or computer. one of the advantages of this thing, it's small. so it's easy for us to carry it. however, the quality offered is no different from similar devices such as headphones or headsets.

So it's no wonder that many people use earphones, but in addition to the various benefits offered, earphones could also have some negative impacts on us. and it would be conveyed in this post.

but before we go on,, we need to know the difference between the three terms about Headphones, Headsets, and Earphones this is due to the fact that some people still don't know the differences between these three things:
1 . Headphones

image credit : HOerwin56 from Pixabay

we may familiar with this thing, Headphones are simple hearing aid accessories that could only be used for listening without being able to be used for communication. The sound quality of the headphones is good because they are designed only for audio so it's perfect for those who always listen to music.

2 . Headsets

image credit : Briam Cute from Pixabay

At first glance, this thing looks like headphones but with the addition of a microphone, so that means, it could be used not only for listening but for communication as well. Headsets are ideally used to communicate via Skype, call centers, and other video calls.

Headphones are also often seen in those who play games, right?
3 . Earphones

image credit : PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

this is the object that we'd discuss this time, its function is actually not much different from headphones. However, the earphones have a small shape so they are easy to carry everywhere. therefore, earphones are more often used for mobile devices.

due to its small shape and ease to carry, it's no wonder earphones are often used by many people, this object is like a friend who accompanies us when listening to music, watching movies, or listening to the radio.

however, the use of earphones also does not always have positive benefits, it also turns out to have several negative effects that can harm us.
here are some of the negative effects!

#fyi, these negative effects don't only happen to the use of earphones, but also to the headphones and headsets. I purposely took earphones as an example considering the use of earphones more and we often find them in lots of people.

Ear infection

as objects used for ears, earphones are very likely to be a medium for spreading germs and bacteria. this would be worse if the same earphones are used by several people which will increase the potential for spreading germs and bacteria

what we need to know is that earphones are a good thing for germs and bacteria to stay. also due to Its small shape makes people often place earphones in various places and that's also the reason for germs and bacteria to easily get into the earphones.

Brain damage

earphones are objects that release electromagnetic waves and that can cause serious harm to the brain. This is due to the inner ear is directly connected to the brain, so the slightest infection in the inner ear can affect the brain.

The initial effect is usually headaches. It also results in an inner ear infection, directly affects the brain, and can cause serious health problems.

Hearing loss

this is a negative effect that's often suffered by earphone users. regular use of earphones at high volume would irritate our eardrums. This is due to our ears may no longer be strong enough to endure the loud sound when listening through earphones. Repeated sound exposure causes damage to the inner ear, which can lead to hearing loss and other hearing health problems.

the volume also needs attention. when you listen to music through the earphones at a volume of 85 decibels (dB), it's like the sound of a city traffic noise. and if at a volume of 115 decibels (dB) it's the same as the sound of a rock concert noise or the sound of a chainsaw. and it's not a good thing for our ears to listen to audio at that volume level for hours.

Some tips for using earphones safely

  1. Apply 60/60 tricks, this is often conveyed by ear health experts, it means using earphones for no more than 60 minutes a day with a volume of only 60% in total.
  2. Don't use earphones when you wanna sleep. Listening to music with earphones maybe makes us feel calm and easy to fall asleep. but it would be a problem if you've fallen asleep with the music still playing and the earphones are still plugged in your ears. unless you are probably sure that you can take it off before falling asleep
  3. make sure you clean your earphones cleanly and regularly, this is to prevent the development of bacteria in your earphones
  4. try not to share your earphones with other people, it may sound harsh but it's the best choice to prevent the transfer of bacteria from person to person.

in addition, consume foods that contain omega-3 and vitamin D such as tuna and salmon to keep our ears healthy. These tips are also initial prevention so that our ears stay healthy.


listening to music or other audio using earphones does provide a better and more comfortable sensation. however, please note that the use of earphones could also have some negative effects on our ears if used excessively. using earphones as recommended is what we need to do. such as keeping earphones clean, not exchanging earphones with other people, and not using earphones for a long time. and don't play audio at a volume which can interfere with the hearing function.


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sometimes I sleep with my earphones on and whenever I like what I'm hearing I increase the volume. I feel doomed. Thanks for the reminders!

I'm glad you gained something, listening to music when we wanna sleep is really good, I do it sometimes, play 1 or 2 of my favorite songs, but I make sure to take my earphones off before falling asleep..

Great article, I think in general earphones can irritate the skin in the ear too. I prefer headphones even if I look a little silly on the rain with large headphones on my mobile device

I prefer headphones even if I look a little silly on the rain with large headphones on my mobile device

I feel you, bro,, but for me in certain situations using headphones makes us look cool, you know like, using it when on the bus or train😄

I agree with the things you have pointed out. When I am using earphones or headphones for too long, sometimes my ear somewhat irritated so I often paced out using my earphones and headphone. Good read, @arnol99!

thanks for your comment @juecoree, I also feel the same, especially using the headphones for hours which makes my ears feel hot.

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I have never really thought about all of the negative consequences that come along with using earphones. Of course I'm sure all of us are aware of losing our hearing, but the advice about 60/60 will definitely be valuable to me as I work and listen to music almost every day. Great post!

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