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RE: Back to Hive and STEMsocial… and on my way to HiveFest!

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Great to meet you at HiveFest.
I had no idea you were a real particle physicist when we were chatting in the bar.

The books I mentioned (Genesis and the Big Bang and others) are by Gerald Schroeder. You can find details here:


I had no idea you were a real particle physicist when we were chatting in the bar.

Yes, I am (I thought I didn't hide it :) ).

You can find details here:

Thanks for the link. It is really interesting. There are several good (and very important) points in this text, also on the non-religious part and relative of the configuration of the state of Israel during the last 75 years.

At the end, when we go back to the core topic, it is a matter of balancing God and luck. Whatever we chose, there is (for now at least) no way to proof it correct or wrong.

As a side note, there are several scientific details that are debatable and which I would debate, in fact. The notion of beginning itself is unclear, as time was undefined at this beginning. Moreover, if we take the big bang theory as such, we have issues at the very first moments as we should make the theory also quantum, which it is not. Therefore, rigorously, I am a bit uncomfortable with the fact that one says that there is a scientific proof of a beginning (as we don't know how to describe this beginning and the very first moment after it).

Cheers, and see you tonight! I would be very happy to continue this discussion live (I am sure the chain would appreciate it too, but anything that could go live, should go live, in my opinion).