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This is a big problem, even for me, because I frequently get hives.
I have an allergy to certain foods, such as pepper, and I like it so much, but it is a problem, and there is no definitive cure, although the symptoms can be mitigated.
It is important that people know information like this, because it allows them to have a better understanding of the problem.


Oh dear, sorry you have to experience such. I have a friend too dealing with it. It's not really easy. The discomfort that comes with it. And yes, With the knowledge of it, you can have a better understanding of the pathophysiology of the disease and also some tips to manage it. I'll advise that you reduce the amount of pepper you use in your food. I'd have advised you try another alternative but is there really another alternative for pepper? I can't think of any. So reducing the pepper in your food and practicing good hygiene will go a long way to help you.