Problems of excess uric acid in our body

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We all know or have heard of uric acid, we know that its concentration in excess can be potentially harmful, however, and luckily- it is not something that is seen so often. We all have a more or less constant value of uric acid in our body, which is normal, and its main (almost only) source of excretion is the kidneys.

As a general rule, any element that is produced in our body has two ways of raising its concentration in the body. Either because it is produced in an amount greater than the body is capable of eliminating or because the body's elimination mechanisms fail.

Next I will share information about it, hoping that it will be to your total liking and understanding, continue reading what I am going to tell you, I know you are interested.

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Uric acid** is a metabolic product, specifically from the catabolism of Purines. And what are these? they are an elementary component of DNA.

A DNA molecule contains within its structure phosphate, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen; organized all these molecules in other more complex molecules called purines (adenine and guanine) and pyrimidines (which are not the object of this explanation).

This is how by a complex metabolic process an enzyme called Xanthine Oxidase processes the purines and transforms them into uric acid, being these water-soluble molecules that are expelled through the kidneys, through the urine, eliminating this metabolic waste that if it is concentrated in great quantity can generate a diversity of problems in our health.

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DNA is practically in all living tissues, but there are some foods that contain it in greater proportion, for example meats, liver, some grains and vegetables, this is the reason why when a person has elevated uric acid, the consumption of certain foods is limited, it is to avoid these complications by decreasing the amount of Purines consumed that will eventually be converted into uric acid.

Also, to keep in mind, when a person has a problem of renal insufficiency the levels of uric acid as well as urea tend to be elevated, because these substances have as their only way of elimination from our body the renal pathway, and if this is compromised these toxins are not eliminated from our body, then we must decrease the substances that tend to increase them.

People who undergo dialysis basically do so to supplement the functions of the kidneys in terms of eliminating these metabolites, in addition to sodium, chlorine, potassium, bilirubin, among others, which in high concentrations are very harmful. A reason more than enough for us to take care of our kidneys, something as simple as the continuous intake of water is enough to keep them in good condition.

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Keeping in mind what I have said so far, we will review what are the main problems that the accumulation of uric acid in our body generates.

The first thing is that it directly affects our kidneys, since this substance being only eliminated by that way, it usually happens that it accumulates in the urinary tract because it saturates the elimination pathways, and they are concentrated in such an amount that kidney stones of urate crystals are formed.

These solidify and end up becoming stones with some prominences that usually injure the kidney and even worse, if the body tries to expel them through the ureters it will generate what is called nephritic colic, which represents one of the strongest pains that patients may have the experience of feeling.

There are many treatments nowadays to eliminate these stones, however, the ideal is that we can prevent this from happening, because there are complications that put the kidneys at risk, in addition to the severe pain that people experience.

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The other major problem that derives from the accumulation of uric acid in our body is the disease called Gota. Which usually has a high incidence in people with high uric acid accumulation.

As I explained above, uric acid is a water-soluble substance, which means that in a certain way it can move very easily in the body, and this allows there are places where it accumulates and form the same crystals that I described above in the kidneys.

This is how this substance begins to accumulate in the joints, forming crystals that over time limit mobility by the great pain they cause in the joints that have formed. It is easy to visualize, we only have to imagine a set of small glass fragments, so tiny that they fit between one bone and another, and that every time we move this joint they injure the articular surface.

It is a pain that starts with mild intensity and as it increases the concentration of these crystals the pain is worse, until it reaches the point where the person can not walk, can not even hold something with his hands because just move generates pain.

It is a condition that is very common, and is easily controlled by diet, but the problem arises basically because people are not usually very familiar with that of "taking care of your diet" or simply because economically it is usually more complicated to maintain a healthy diet.

The consumption of medications such as ibuprofen, meloxicam, diclofenac is also indicated to reduce pain and the inflammatory process, but while uric acid levels are high there is a tendency for the pain not to diminish, and this is what patients should be emphasized.

As you can see, the consumption of foods that represent a high purine load is what should be avoided, these are already identified, patients suffering from gout or kidney stones should have a strict diet in this regard, with the intention of limiting the production of uric acid and with this the problems that arise from its excess.

Grateful for your support, I hope this information is of your greatest benefit and pleasure.


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Yes gout is one of these diseases that can be caused by elevated levels of uric acid. The disease condition causes impaired mobility.

Totally, it is a big problem that people who suffer from it have to struggle with practically all their lives.


Educative post. Thanks for sharing, alcohol should be avoided, also food like sardines and salmon should be limited inorder to prevent excess uric acid formation

Honestly my dear friend, we truly need to be taken proper care of our body

Meats mainly is the poison for those who have a high uric acid! Gout should be so painful


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