Let's talk about Prenatal Testing

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When practicing medicine we are in an area where everything is important, any word or gesture says something to the patient, therefore humanity must prevail.

But I particularly think that there are two areas that are the most sensitive, on the one hand pediatrics, working with children is not easy, you always have to look for many ways to approach them and help them, but personally I think that the area of obstetrics is extremely difficult and extremely careful, because *it is not only the mother but also the baby who is in intrauterine development.

I would like to socialize today on a topic that I have been reviewing these last few days, because there has been a lot of progress, and even though I don't work in that area it is always important to try to keep up with it, so let's talk about some important prenatal exams.

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Before mentioning some tests, I think it is important to mention that I understand that there are couples who refuse to undergo any kind of tests, including not allowing vaccinations, or the use of ultrasound, or anything else. Which is to be respected and they have the right to do so.

But even so, as health personnel, I consider that it is a mistake not to undergo any type of examination, for example, a urine test can detect in time a urinary infection that could be potentially fatal even for the developing fetus. An ultrasonogram allows us to see before delivery if the baby has any problems that could put it at risk at birth, such as a circular umbilical cord or poor posture.

And they are both non-invasive tests, but as I said before, they are decisions of the couple, and they must be respected, because otherwise there may be legal problems.

Having said this, which is a personal and professional position, let's go on to talk about some tests that are necessary at different stages of pregnancy, to monitor fetal development.

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There are basic tests that are performed in the first stage, although ideally even before the woman becomes pregnant, but not always pregnancies are planned, therefore, usually end up being done during the first trimester, the main ones:

  • HIV: A woman with HIV can get pregnant, currently this infection is not an absolute limitation, however there must be a very rigorous control to prevent the baby from contracting the disease.

Therefore it is a very important test for the rest of the pregnancy and to know how to manage the process of birth of the child.

  • Glycemia: diabetes must be controlled, because otherwise the developing fetus can have serious problems because of this basic condition of the mother. The mother may not even suffer from the disease but may develop it during the pregnancy process due to the hormonal changes she presents.

The only way to find out is by monitoring through laboratory tests.

  • VDRL: it is a very important test to detect a very dangerous venereal disease for the mother as well as for the child, such as Syphilis.

This disease causes very serious neurological diseases in the developing fetus, it can even cause death in the child.

  • Toxoplasmosis: it is also another test that must be ruled out, since this parasite can cause serious problems in the fetus.

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Although they seem to be a lot of tests, they can be done with the same blood sample, so there is no need for the mother to undergo multiple injections, which is uncomfortable.

But they are of the type of screening tests, which allow to avoid complications since it gives the medical staff the ability to act in advance so that the child does not suffer the consequences of diseases such as the ones I mentioned above.

But there are other diagnostic tests, among the most commonly used is ultrasound. It is an imaging study, harmless for the mother as well as for the baby. That is to say, it does not cause any harm, and it allows us to visualize the structures of the fetus very well, thus allowing us to see if there are any abnormalities in the physical development.

I can say that it is one of the most important tools in pregnancy control.

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Amniocentesis is a highly invasive test that is only performed by specialized physicians. It consists of introducing a needle into the uterine cavity, guided by ultrasound, which allows obtaining amniotic fluid, and in this there will be both maternal and fetal cells. These cells will be genetically studied to determine the baby's state of health.

It is a very advanced study, since it provides information about the baby, about diseases it may have, among many other things, practically by having access to a person's DNA you can know everything about him, so if there is a test that reveals information, it is this one.

However, it is not commonly used, because usually with routine tests you get enough information to know that the baby is in good condition.

There are many more like the ones I have mentioned, I could dedicate another post to this, however, what I wanted to emphasize the most is that we should respect the decision of couples when they decide not to have tests, however, it is necessary to make them see the importance of these tests, at least the most basic ones in the early detection of diseases to avoid complications for both the mother and the baby.

I would like to know what you think about prenatal exams, do you think they are necessary?


Prenatal examinations are very important because it saves both the mother and the child, in most cases some issues like jaundice can be avoided if a pregnant woman comes for antenatal and does the necessary test she should do, most likely prenatal examinations will help to know when the baby is in danger.
Thank you for this writeup.

YES, jaundice is one of those problems that must be avoided, and it can be known in advance with a simple examination, and infections too, something that is important to avoid and eradicate when they occur.

I pray all women understands the importance of prenatal examinations.

QuoteThere are a lot of reasons why prenatal testing is a good idea. For one, it can help you and your doctor identify any potential health risks for your baby. It can also help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy and delivery. And if you're considering abortion, prenatal testing can give you important information about your pregnancy.
Prenatal testing is usually done through a simple blood test or ultrasound. You can usually get prenatal testing done at your doctor's office or at a local hospital. If you're considering abortion, you may want to get prenatal testing done at a Planned Parenthood or other abortion clinic.
Overall, prenatal testing is a good way to gathering information about your pregnancy and your baby's health. It can help you make decisions about your pregnancy and your abortion options.

Hay muchas razones por las que las pruebas prenatales son una buena idea. Por un lado, puede ayudarlos a usted y a su médico a identificar cualquier riesgo potencial para la salud de su bebé. También puede ayudarla a prepararse para un embarazo y un parto saludables. Y si está considerando abortar, las pruebas prenatales pueden brindarle información importante sobre su embarazo.
Las pruebas prenatales generalmente se realizan mediante un simple análisis de sangre o una ecografía. Por lo general, puede hacerse las pruebas prenatales en el consultorio de su médico o en un hospital local. Si está pensando en abortar, tal vez quiera hacerse una prueba prenatal en una clínica de planificación familiar u otra clínica de abortos.
En general, las pruebas prenatales son una buena manera de recopilar información sobre su embarazo y la salud de su bebé. Puede ayudarla a tomar decisiones sobre su embarazo y sus opciones de aborto.
Gracias por traer esto
Thank you for bringing this up

In general it is like this, the tests allow us to know many things before birth and avoid potential complications, and with blood tests they are more than enough, but even so, there are couples who resist, and it is something that must be respected.
Than you for commenting.

Important tests to be prepared for problems

It is the idea that it is basically preventive, to avoid complications.
Thanks for the support.


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Todo lo que explica forma parte de un proceso muy importante, que se trata de la salud biopsicosocial de una madre embarazada y un niño que viene en camino. En donde, la paciente debe colaborar con ella misma, y hacerse todos los exámenes para que el médico tratante le pueda ayudar manteniendo un buen embarazo y un parto favorable; o en el peor de los casos, que se tomen desiciones clínicas para ejecutar algún tratamiento u otro proceso en donde exista peligro...
Todo es una situación de conciencia del paciente...
Saludos Dr. @apineda

Everything she explains is part of a very important process, which is about the biopsychosocial health of a pregnant mother and a child on the way. In which, the patient must collaborate with herself, and have all the tests done so that the attending physician can help her maintain a good pregnancy and a favorable delivery; or in the worst case, that clinical decisions are taken to execute some treatment or other process where there is danger....
Everything is a situation of conscience of the patient ....
Greetings Dr. @apineda

Although people have reasons why they choose not to undergo any form of parental examination, I feel it is unsafe to do such, because tests will reveal areas where treatments should be carried out.

Couples have the best decision to make it comes to pregnancy test, child bearing. If they will only listen to medical direction like the one you gave here, it will help them in making wise decision.

I will read this again and again.

It is important to always listen to what the partner says, what he/she thinks. But it is also necessary for the physician to show patients how important it is to do so in order to prevent future problems.

You are very correct