My introduction to hive community.

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I'm so much excited to introduce myself here in the hive community. I'm Opara Amarachi, a.k.a @amicable1997, and currently residing here in owerri, I have siblings of which I am the eldest.

I am a microbiologist by profession and am also into acting, scriptwriting, sports, cryptocurrency and forex trading. In addition to my acting skill, I started my acting career with Demzico entertainment in the year 2019 and I featured in a lot of movies.


In the year 2020 I joined G&W movie Entertainment which I also featured in some of their movies which includes, Slavery, Strain, King Adaka, Billionaires kingdom, wipe my tears e.t.c As God may have it, I am the CEO of AmicableTV Entertainment and am the brand ambassador of Snow white cosmetics company and Norbit Enterprise.

After having gone through the various communities and reading interesting blogs by some users here, I have come to realize that hive is the perfect place for me to share some of my skills, professional experience as well as some medical tips for a healthy living.

I choose microbiology as my profession because I have maximum passion for providing holistic care for people.


In all honesty, I know hive as a Crypto but little did I know that someone can also earn free hive token through blogging. Thanks to my friend @Cyprianj who took his time to explain to me what the hive blockchain is all about.

I just got the chance to read the blogs of some professional bloggers and I am so much inspired by their contents. And so, here I am, I am a new hiver and a new member of this awesome community.

I am not sure of when or how I first heard about cryoto especially bitcoin, but it was around 4 years ago I started investing and also earn money through some Crypto faucets sites. It wasn't much but it got me started in the space of learning how to send and receive Crypto.


I am quite religious, I was brought up from a Christian family, I always go to church on Sundays and also attend to our mid week service's. My parents are always around and also ensure that we all go to church.

I am generally good and I always try to do the right thing at the right time, I live by my word and never on the edge. In fact my life is quite plain and I never ever rebel, not once in my whole life, I always takes things in stride.


There are so many thing's that triggered me to join the hive community right away. Here I can make friends and interact with people from different locations.


I know there are a lot of good and talented people here that have a lot of knowledge about life, Society, art and finance and I would love to learn more from them. In my life, I only have to go to work and come back home, so I want to know how big the world is through your travel, life and food photos.

Indeed joining hive is a challenge and also a great opportunity for me to be exposed to a new technology. Also, I would appreciate your suggestions on how I can improve my writing skills here.

Anticipating interesting articles on different spheres of life which includes health, Nigerian delicacies, sports, acting and music. Kindly follow me @amicable1997 for more interesting updates.

Thanks for reading.


Here is your Proof of Brian. I think you meant #ProofOfBrain


Thanks so much sir.

Welcome dear ... Stay cool and enjoy Hive.

Welcome to Hive @amicable1997! 😃 Here's to more power to your acting career and any endeavors you set your sights upon 😉 Hope you find it to be an enjoyable journey into the communities here, warm greetings from @dbuzz, cheers! 🥂
D.Buzz is a great place for you to freely express what you want with our microblogging platform. Feel free to make an introduction post and let the community know who you are. 🐝

@amicable1997! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ilovewintergem. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Thanks so much my lovely people, I really appreciate🙏🙏

Thanks so much my lovely people, I really appreciate.

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I wish you a very warm welcome to Hive! :)

Thanks so much🙏

Welcome to hive glad you have joined us :) will look forward to seeing you post in the future


Thanks for your warm wishes, am very grateful.


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Thanks so much I really appreciate.

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I am looking forward to read about your upcoming blogs. Do you plan to write about microbiology?

Yes, with time I will unveil a lot concerning microbiology.

I am looking forward to read about this!


Welcome dear

Thank you