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RE: Back to Hive and STEMsocial… and on my way to HiveFest!

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Hello my dear friend @lemouth, your vacation was very dynamic and I note that you visited places where you were in contact with nature, surely it made you think about how beautiful life is and the spaces that surround us, it is worth the efforts we make to be able to share with our families.

I will be on the lookout for your next publications, I am very glad that you are back to this virtual space to continue sharing experiences, I hope you are doing very well at HiveFest.

So long, have a great week.


Thanks for passing by (once again, but this time not in advance), and for your very nice message. My vacation was indeed full of (mostly outdoors) activities, which is how I consider a good vacation time (I don't like lying around and doing nothing).

I should be able to resume blogging by the end of the week, with the next episode of the citizen science project, as mentioned in the blog. We will see whether I can cope with it ^^