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RE: Six years of particle physics (and STEMsocial) on Hive!

in StemSociallast year

Congratulations dear friend @lemouth, it's been six years since you joined this incredible platform, which as you say, gives us the opportunity to have our academic content in a simple and creative way.

Without a doubt, you are one of the oldest teams on the platform, since I met the @stemsocial community in 2018, it has always provided support and guidance to those of us who socialize science content in both English and Spanish, I thank @carloserp-2000 and @iamphysical for the guidance they had with me when I entered.

I want to tell you, that I have seen how you have dedicated time to the review, support and comment of all the content related to science inside and outside of @stemsocial that is valuable, because it allows to attract researchers to us within the platform, which I am sure there are many.

I hope you enjoy your holidays, see you later brother.


Thanks for passing by and your nice words. I really appreciated it. It is great to be here today, as we are somehow still early adopters and have the opportunity to build something (from scratch). This is a challenge I particularly like!

Thanks again and see you in a couple of weeks!