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RE: News from a particle physicist and university lecturer in COVID times

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Greetings dear @lemouth, good to hear from you again, no doubt teaching distance learning is a challenge, especially because everything happened suddenly because of the pandemic, but as we move forward we have acquired certain strategies that allow us to fully comply with our role as teachers.

Currently there is talk of a new strain of the virus, let's wait for new news, as far as we can see this will continue for a while longer.

See you later, have a great start of the week.


We indeed had to adapt, and we did (at some costs however).

At present life is reaching instability again. One of my collaborators from South Africa was supposed to depart today and stay in Paris for a month. This will of course never happen and I need to re-organise things (on the research side this time) once again. I am looking forward to the Christmas break ;)

See you soon and have a great week as well!