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RE: Self-Driving cars/ Technologies behind this innovation

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This is really educative and interesting at the same time. I enjoyed the content.

Yeah, there are many advantages of this technology, however my fear here is that these vehicles operate based on the information coded in them and it is practically impossible to code in all the peculiarities and changes that might occur on the road from time to time. Human drivers are flexible and can detect some unprecedented changes on the road and make a decision on the spot. But if this particular information was not coded in the auto driving vehicle, it won't be able to take an instant new decision.

So I think the best option here is to combine the auto driving with a human real time and conscious presence. A fully auto driving vehicle might be very risky in my opinion. Human lives are too precious to be put in the hands of a computer.

I am also thinking of maybe developing a separate route for the auto driving vehicles, but that won't still adress technical issues that might occur in the vehicles.


The minds behind this technology are working so hard on how to improve those qualities to avoid catastrophes or faults. Although it is not 100 per cent feasible to incorporate human ability into the AI of this innovation, but more has been done so far to bring improvements

Yeah.....that's an awesome and great innovation 👍