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RE: News from a particle physicist and university lecturer in COVID times

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You will find time for what you love to do, even if fleeting. I understand you perfectly because I have also done that. I hope we can see you here more. Winter has come, chances to just go to your car and travel are going to be less and less attractive, so here we are again :)
I hope you find your balance!


Thanks for your nice words. I may indeed be around as I completely stopped traveling since February 2020 (which was in my case more flying than driving).

In 2021, I only had one trip in Slovenia for a week, and then another one in Marseille for 2 days. I was also supposed to go to Bonn, but being at the same time a COVID contact case I was not allowed to cross any border (even with a negative test). In parallel, I also have new responsibilities locally, that are quite incompatible with any heavy traveling.

But all of this is definitely not that bad. First for the planet, and second for my body that starts to decay quite a bit... ;)

How are things on your side? Will you write something about how you spent these last few months?

My life changed a lot because of the pandemic, not all in the worse, in fact, but yes, the travels were also heavily restricted. Luckily, I got the vaccine early and I still managed to travel around here (Greece and Bulgaria and of course Romania). I still love science communication, so I am going to write about that, my life is not that important to other people :D
All my work was from home since it all started, had to leave the aviation job cause many governments redirected funds from aviation to the medical system, and I also had to almost suspend my consultancy work.
But I have found a similar job to what I was doing, at Ubisoft and I am having a blast. Maybe I can spread the word about STEM, here, too. Many passionate people around, that's for certain.
All in all, life is good. About decaying.. I know perfectly what you are saying. We will recover as the spring comes.

Wow what a change in your life. It is hard to me to see how similar the new job is relative to the old job. You may need to give more words about that, one day, either on chain, off chain or with a beer in a pub. Hopefully we will be able to share that beer soon again.

Definitely about the beer.
Well, I create visual display systems, tools, and integrate 3D resources in graphical engines. While the industry is very different, the software generally uses some common workflows and procedures. The theory is still the same, except I stopped dealing with simulating aircraft and airport environment and switched to simulating game characters, where I was needed.
In fact, the systems I use now are more complicated than what I was doing before, because I am now using next-gen systems, multiplatform like PC, consoles and new streaming tech like Google Stadia. But if you remember, I am not afraid to work and I love to learn new stuff :)
And Ubisoft is a great company with a great company culture and care for its employees.
So all is well, I am very happy about the change.

Glad to read all of that (especially that you are happy with the changes). Yes, I remember you are never afraid with new tasks and challenges :)