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RE: The Birth of England; Vikings be damned!

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I share your non-interest in history. For you it was Dan Carlin, for me what did it was things like this latest war, or reading Bill Bryson, or watching documentaries about specific eras prompted by some book or strategy game.


I guess as adults we learn our own ways to inspire ourselves. It's just harder as a kid to force us to be interested in something. I even remember as a mid-teen, the twin towers being bombed and i was like 'woahhhh' because everyone else was. But I had never heard of them before or the politics behind it so I was basically feigning interest in the event until it stopped being on the news (the footage was interesting no doubt, but I couldn't say with honesty I found it tragic or anything, I was far too detached)

Is that normal? As an adult that empathy and compassion is a lot more developed... and so is, therefore, my interest in History