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RE: Is Beauty the Flip-Side of Entropy?

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I want to see relationships as sacred. But I can't, cos I'm realistic, and experienced. I don't necessarily agree with the stuff he says (he's very conservative), I just like the way he says things, very understandable, clear, forceful, he says things I don't know and even when I know them he says them in a new way that makes me appreciate them more.

He was interviewing an economist once on his podcast, and I hardly understood anything the economist was saying, and then Peterson repeated what the economist said in his own words, and it not only was perfectly clear and understandable, but also profound! From that one interview, I got 100% convinced that it's not possible for money to not exist! Nothing complicated can happen without money! That's a great piece of knowledge to add to one's arsenal! And it's not often that I get 100% convinced of something so important in so short a time. But I would never get it from the economist. So Peterson is great at taking things others said and making them understandable for the people. This is one reason I don't understand one of his opponents' main complaints about him: that he uses complex incomprehensible confusing language, that he makes everything more complicated than it needs to be. To me, it seems he does the very opposite.