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RE: Citizen science particle physics project on Hive - Let’s get started!

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Ah, I missed the project announcement! It might seem unrelated, but thinking about the reasons behind this irrational war in Europe, and why most Russians stand for it, I'm thinking that lack of good education and rational thinking is a large part of it. And so, I think your project, and anything of the sort, anything that has to do with science and reason and education, it seems to be about discoveries, but in reality I think it's making the world a better place in many ways we don't suspect. So I wish you good luck and many discoveries!


It's not really late to take part, that's if you are interested.

Would like to, but no time unfortunately!

... for now ;)

Indeed, it is never too late! With everything documented clearly, it will also be possible to join much later (and catch up).

Science indeed allows people from different horizon to learn to know each other. And this is through education and the knowledge of the culture of the others that we may move on. I wrote 'may', as I was shocked to see exceptions were existing, even with highly-educated people.

Anyways, as said below, if you are interested it is not too late to get on board!